10 Creepy Abandoned Buildings In Texas Haunted By Black Eyed Children

  • By Sara
  • June 26, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

There is a reason we avoid abandoned buildings.

Even if you love horror stuff, you know there are some things that you must stay away from. Things like witchcraft and haunted buildings are a no-go. It would be very dumb of someone to go to a dangerous place, but people still do it anyway. They do it for research purposes or just for the thrill of it. But is it really worth it? Aren’t they scared of the unknown? Haven’t they learned anything from horror movies where people go into haunted houses just to explore and then get killed?
Nope. To be honest, I would go there too without a second doubt. I’ve always wanted to see actual haunted buildings from the inside. And if I’m lucky enough, I can make it out alive. However, some people went to creepy forsaken buildings in Texas, and they came across Black-Eyed Children (also known as BEK). You’re going to want to read the creepy stories below:

1. Toyah High School – Toyah, TX

Photo credit: flickr/Nicolas Henderson

It is not just the school that has been deserted, but the entire town of Toyah.

The town arrived at its maximum populace of 1,052 in 1910 and has consistently reduced from that point forward. It’s been supposed that the Toyah High School has been taken over by a gathering of Black-Eyed children. These children are known for meandering the streets around evening time, scaring the rest of the inhabitants by gazing into their windows during the night. Many believe that this is the main reason for the entire town to be abandoned.

2. Walnut Ridge Mansion – Gonzales, TX

Photo credit: abandonedabandoned.com

James Miller, an architect from Texas, designed and fabricated this excellent mansion in 1901. Nobody really knows why exactly the mansion was abandoned, but it’s supposed to be inhabited by two Black-Eyed siblings who have been known to thump on individuals’ doors during the night. When people don’t let them come in, the siblings climb their rooftop and scratch the shingles with their fingernails for hours.

This happened to a lady in the neighbourhood, so she contacted a medium through a telephone psychic reading. The mystic disclosed to her that these children might be the spirits of friends and family caught in between heaven and hell.

3. The Rig Theatre – Premont, TX

Photo credit: flickr/reweston-sat

This theatre has been abandoned for 30 years after hosting its first premiere in 1950. Because it is very eye-catching, some theatre fanatics from a nearby town decided to explore it. While wandering, one of the girls in the group saw a boy sitting in the backseats of the cinema. She thought it was one of her groupmates so she went to talk to him. When she approached the boy, he lifted his head up and smiled at her, staring with completely black eyes. She claims that he said hello to her, but not out loud. She heard it in her head. After facing the boy, they vacated the building.

4. Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, TX

Photo credit: ourruins.com

This was actually a very successful and luxurious hotel built in 1929, but the success was short-lived as the hotel’s owner died in 1967. After suffering from constant losses, they decided to shut the hotel down for good. The neighbours living nearby and a psychic that was exploring the area have claimed that when it rains in the area, completely Black-Eyed children run around in the streets surrounding the hotel. When the children come near the inhabitants of the town, they claim to lose control of their bodies and mind. So they avoid the children when they see them closeby.

5. El Paso Tin Mine – El Paso, TX

Photo via: Youtube

Tin was found nowhere in the US except for this mine in El Paso. They started digging in 1909 but after all the tin was extracted, they abandoned it in 1915. A gathering of wanderers entered the mine to explore it but witnessed a Black-Eyed girl walking towards them. She followed them around the entire mine and screamed the names of the family members in the gathering. They left soon after because they couldn’t continue exploring with her around.

6. Jackson Square Apartments – Amarillo, TX

Photo credit: Google Street

The Jackson Square Apartments complex seemed like a lovely place until it became the crime scene for a handful of murders. So on September 28th, 2015, they tore it down. The land on which the apartments were built was famous for the shadows that appeared on it. But recently, locals have been complaining about Black-Eyed children walking on it and disturbing neighbours by knocking their doors and asking the individuals to let them in. A cleaner of the area claims he saw a black-eyed boy on the street feeding off a bloody, dead raccoon.

7. The Cistern – Houston, TX

Photo credit: flickr/brayne

People rarely find this cistern. It was actually a water reservoir for the locals to drink from but it was deserted when the water became contaminated. 10 years ago, they found a leak but never fixed it due to lack of recourses. The site has been completely abandoned as an environmental officer called HQ and claimed to have seen a black-eyed girl walking around there. It is believed that the officer never returned home after that call, but it could be an urban legend for all we know.

8. Emhouse School – Corsicana, TX

Photo credit: rootsweb.ancestry.com

People have been reluctant to visit this school because they believe it has been haunted after they shut the school down in the late 1950s. A bunch of teenagers snuck into the school to explore, and they found some black-eyed children seated on some of the desks. After that incident, the parents of those teens claim that their children act like they are possessed by demons. They refuse to leave their rooms and eat nothing except for insects.

9. The Hotel Ozona – Ozona, TX

Photo credit: flickr/ourruins

This hotel has been deserted long ago since almost the 1940s or early 50s. The only thing that remains intact inside the building is a “refrigerated air” sign in the lobby. However, recently the local residents of the area claim that they saw a group of black-eyed children in the hotel. A photographer entered the building for a shoot, but he returned home without any clothes and a nosebleed. His family has declared him mentally unstable and insane now.

10. Abandoned Asylum – San Antonio, TX

Photo credit: flickr/Nitram242

This asylum is now owned by the county as it has been abandoned for decades now. A family of a boy from San Antonio went to search the asylum as the boy was missing and they feared he had run away from home. His aunt claimed that she saw the boy there being dragged under the bed by a black-eyed girl. She ran to help the boy but when she looked under the bed, there was nobody there. People have declared her insane and believe she murdered the boy herself and lied about seeing the girl to make up for a good cover story. However, the family of the boy believes her as they also saw black-eyed children roaming there and claim that it was her encounter with the black-eyed girl that made her insane.

So, fellas, what do you learn from this? If you want to stay alive and sane, keep yourself away from haunted and abandoned buildings. Would you still visit these places? Let us know in the comments below.

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