Photos of Abandoned Churches Display the Decadent Beauty Left Behind in Ruins

  • By Saif
  • July 6, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Fan of abandoned & creepy places? You are going to enjoy this one!

We are aware of the fact that some photographers love capturing the beauty of the environment, or the beauty of the world! They find it soothing and entertaining. Whereas there are also photographers who love to capture the beauty of divine and old buildings! They don’t like to opt for the conventional shots. Be it for the love of architecture, travel or cultural heritage, these old and deserted buildings are usually telling a story. A photographer named Roman Robroek, is doing such work which this a mixture of beauty and horror! He travels far and wide and goes to abandoned buildings to capture the perfect shots!

Buildings can be abandoned due to several reasons. Maybe a natural disaster hit that place and took away all the life of that place or it could be far from the reach of people. The walls of a building tell the stories of these unique places. Robroek captures the beauty of these places and also tries his best to capture the stories these places have to tell.

During an interview with Robroek, he said that “I find it important to document a small piece of history that way and open the door for people to peek inside the buildings that they normally wouldn’t see”. Further, he added, “Next to that, I’m a huge fan of the old architecture in general. Modern architecture is not my thing. This way the old architecture won’t be forgotten.”

Now the question is, how does he even manage to find such abandoned places? I mean, it certainly isn’t an easy task to find such places. However, we came to know that Roman has been utilizing Google Streetview to discover Churches, virtually. But wait, that’s just not it, he even checks the newspapers every day to see the mentions of decaying old buildings. Wow! Now that’s called dedicatedly pursuing your obsession. Last but not the least, he has a group of trust colleagues who share the same passion, of course, and they work together to find such places!

“It’s important to know who you can trust because there is nothing worse than a location getting vandalized, robbed out or sprayed with graffiti because it became too popular to visit.”

Just sit back and enjoy these beautifully horrifying images of old churches that will surely make you look twice to check if you saw something creepy!

Roman Robroek: Website | Facebook | Instagram

1. Hymn can be heard from far away..

Who prays in the abandoned place thou?? Well, you will have to visit this church to figure out!

2. The spirits haunt this place….

What if loud cries are heard at night?

3. There is no law in the universe that states you have to “die” in place to make it haunted..

Abandon a place and spirits from the other world will come and make it their habitat!

4. The negative energy and spirits are waiting for you…

I can tell that when you enter this place, you will definitely feel a strange kind of energy!

5. This place is giving me a continuous feeling of being watched through those windows.

6. Sudden electrical charge in the air is what you will feel here!

The electric charge is sign of something else being around you! Watch your step!

7. It’s amazing how this picture so beautiful and haunting at the same time!

8. This has got to be one of the most beautiful shots ever!

Imagine what this place could look like after restoration!

9. I can already hear whispers, and footsteps.

Do you hear someone calling your name?? Don’t dare to look back.

We are just halfway through and already amazed by the pictures which Roman Robroaek captured so beautifully! You must have heard of the saying that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, well, this is the perfect depiction of it! If you ever decide to visit these type of abandoned places, you won’t really find anything else other than ruins but look at these pictures, it completely tells a different story. There are a lot of more spooky pictures to come, so keep on scrolling.

10. What if the fire in the fireplace starts up on its own?

11. Imagine, giggles and laughter of children being heard from around the corner.

His photos show the beauty and decay of these Churches!

12. This is such a beautiful shot!

Roman’s work will let you take a peek inside the places and corners that you will never be able to see on your own…

13. Oh. My. God. I think I just shit in my pants.

This picture is definitely keeping me awake at night!

14. Do you see the structure of this place? Magnificient!

15. The darkness will lead you to unreal places

“I hope that people enjoy the beauty that’s being kept secret behind closed doors.”

16. Grief or sadness will take over you!

17. The stench of death & decay…

18. That’s a weird place.

Seems as if it is filled with other super natural beings.

19. This picture reminds me of the game “Last of us”

Amazing shot though!

As we have finally reached the end, sadly, we can agree to one thing. A picture speaks a thousand words, indeed. It’s definitely not an easy task to just take pictures of ruins and turn them into something which people would admire and get creeped out by it at the same time! Which of these pictures managed to creep you out or send chills down to your spine? Let us know into the comments section below!

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