10 Art Pieces Created By Kurt Cobain’s Daughter That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Many of us have heard of The Space Witch.

And we are also well aware that the person behind this moniker is none other than Frances Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. I am sure she is tired of only being referred to as the daughter of her famous parents. But she is on her own journey and she expresses herself through her disturbing art which is truly something else. Not only do these illustrations creepy you out but they also don’t let you forget them. 

Her art style has changed over the years and it will probably keep changing in the future. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram which is no small feat. And she graces her followers with her new art once in a while-which is always something special. All of these must hold a deeper meaning for her which we can only guess at. So scroll below to take a look for yourself. 

Source: Instagram

#1 This painting is name ‘Treat me like your mother’.

#2 The horrific mouth.

#3 Chocolate from the bald man.

#4 Life sucks.

#5 The protection of someone.

While we don’t hear a lot about Frances Cobain as she has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. She has worked as a model and continues to spread her love for art even now. And she has also dabbled in a bit of music courtesy of her mother but it doesn’t seem like that is the route she wants to go on despite her mother and father being icons of the music industry.

The pulling passing away of her Father has clearly affected her and we can see some of that in her art. And if you like these illustrations, you can check out even more of the work that she posts on Instagram at regular intervals.

#6 Eating the sun.

#7 Owing nothing to no one.

#8 Going into the web of lies and deceit.

Frances also holds the rights to her Fathers name and image. So no one is able to create documentaries or movies on her Father without her explicit say so which she has exercised in the past. As many people always wanted to use the name of Kurt Cobain for their own gain not caring how it might affect the family.

#9 All the cells have gathered together.

#10 Remembering the sound of laughter.

What are your thoughts on these artworks? Would you ever want this in your living room? Or is it not the right style for you? Comment down below and let us know.

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