Creative Artist Doodles Monsters Into Normal Situations At The Subway

What if there are monsters all around us?

However, rather than being scary beings who want to hurt us, they’re just normal creatures with different looks who go about their day just like we do. Sure, they may look scary but they don’t feel the need to reveal themself. Just imagine a monster accidentally touched you when you felt a slight hand on your shoulder the day you were walking alone at night.

After all, how can we be sure, there isn’t something there? But until we can actually have some hard proof, we have artists like these who like to bring out the weird things in life and depositing them in normal situations. These are just photos of people waiting in the subway station or on a train but with a twist that we would never see coming. 

So just scroll below to take a look. 

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#1 Even monsters get thirsty.

#2 She just wanted to keep him warm.

Subway Doodle is a multimedia artist known for blending illustration and photography to create imaginative depictions of New York City.
Subway Doodle is also an accomplished writer, director, designer, editor, and creative director. His work has been recognized with two Emmys, dozens of media industry awards, and displayed at the Museum of the Moving Image.

When he’s not doodling, Subway Doodle is a Creative Director at The Mint Farm, a creative marketing studio in Brooklyn that produces short-form content for television and social media. Subway Doodle resides in Brooklyn, NY with a house full of monsters.

#3 I see he is one of those guys who don’t wear a mask over their ‘nose’.

#4 Atleast he is only looking at the book and nothing else.

#5 This is why they should make bigger seats because I can’t imagine that this would be comfortable.

#6 He couldn’t find a seat so what was he supposed to do?

#7 They both have a shoulder to take a nap on.

#8 It only makes sense if you ask me.

#9 Looking out of the train is always the best part.

#10 This always happen when you try to sit in cinema chairs.

#11 I don’t know how long he can keep this up.

Not everyone can come up with something so creative. And he has taken normal situations and made them much more fun. After all, we have all seen these things happening every day. However, the monsters just add a bit of fun touch to the pictures and that is what art is all about, turning the unexpected into something meaningful.

#12 Lots of people on this train are going to have a rude awakening.

#13 I think we have all seen drunk people slumped over like this.

#14 I would look at such a perfect booty as well.

#15 It is rude to look just because they might look different.

#16 She probably should have finished drawing him with an attached eye before moving in.

#17 We all remember sitting like this before the pandemic.

#18 Well, this took a gory turn quite abruptly.

#19 We all feel like this when summer comes.

#20 It is all about whether you feel good in your skin……. or fur.


#21 Don’t we all feel like trash sometimes?

#22 We have all done this and been embarrassed after.

What do you think of these monster doodles? Which one was your favorite? Comment down below and let us know.

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