40 Terrifying Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Land Of ‘Nope’

  • By Saif
  • August 6, 2020
  • 9 minutes read

When we think of Australia, it reminds us of beautiful fields, summers or cute kangaroos. But there is more to Australia, and it is not cute. It is scary and creepy. Australia is the polar opposite of Japan, which reminds us of peace and a happy place. Australia isn’t a wholly place of cute and friendly neighbourhoods. In fact, Australia is one of the most dangerous places on Earth!

You will find pythons in your toilets, human-sized bats, pythons feeding on alligators and what not! Almost every creepy thing that you would’ve never imagined happening will happen in Australia. Seeing pictures of nature in Australia, you will feel like everything is coming after you and wants you dead!

Australia is also referred as “The Land of Nope”, wondering why? Well it has gotten this reputation mostly because of the strange and deadly creatures! To give you an idea of this reality, we have got you some of the strangest pictures from Australia, which will definitely send chills down your spine and you wouldn’t ever want to visit this country! Scroll down and see.

1. Cute? It wouldn’t be cute when it is sitting on your shoulder and sucking blood out of your ear.

Kristy Garbutt

Batwing is okay. He got dry and took off when it was evening time. He was not wiped out, simply wet.

Australia has these bats, which are bigger than the average bats and surely scarier as well!

From colossally large spiders, to lethal venomous snakes, brutal crocodiles, octopuses and disgustingly overgrown earthworms, the Great Southern Land appears to have everything with regards to bad dream fuel and frightening little animals. We can most likely all concur that some Australian animals look completely frightening, yet how perilous would they say they are, truly?

2. He watches you in your sleep, and is coming to eat you alive!


Around 170 snake species live in the nation, 100 of which are toxic. That is not even the most exceedingly awful section: a total of about 21 out of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes occupy Australia. Snakes murder a normal of 2 to 4 individuals every year here, however the quantity of setbacks appear to be little when you contrast it with the 11,000 people that snakes every year execute in Asia.

3. Brave of her taking a selfie with this huge spider..


What if the spider attacked her face and fed on her flesh!

This is the huntsman spider, a common friend to be found in houses and nursery across Australia. He’s not harmful truly, don’t let his enormous size threaten you. Huntsmen won’t chomp people except if annoyed, is not venomous and is really helpful to have around the spot, he’ll utilize his speed and readiness to monitor your cockroach population.

Think about the huntsman as a convenient pet. Regard his space, let him carry out his responsibility and he’ll take care of you well.

If poisonous snakes don’t make you shout and frenzy, then what about spiders? In excess of 2,400 distinct types of 8-legged creature call the Land Down Under their home. Among them is the lethal Sydney channel web spider, which can take an individual’s life within 15 minutes of biting them. This spider consistently gets into the top lists of the world’s deadliest 8-legged creature and it surely doesn’t just mess around: in the event that you see one, make sure you run away!

4. If this python can eat a crocodile, imagine what could it do to you?


This isn’t to imply that each and every spider you come across abroad will be a danger to you. Luckily, under 50 Australian spider species represent a danger to individuals. We should likewise not overlook that most spiders are our companions and help in keeping the local bug population in control. Clearly, these goodies of uplifting news won’t generally make Australia’s spiders any less alarming to take a gander at. Anybody with arachnophobia should presumably still keep away from Australia until they get over their dread of spiders, and travel somewhere else for their Summer vacations.

5. Your brain will be squished if this large pine falls on your head.


Pines in Australia are deadly too.

Sharks in the nation kill around 2 individuals every year, though crocodiles killed 14 individuals somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2014, compared to 10 death’s during the 33 years going before 2004. In any case, it’s not simply animals that can hurt you in Australia. Just when you think there are no more surprises, this country is additionally known for its monster 10 kg pine cones that can fall on your head and not just that, you can expect tennis sized hailstones as well, which can cause genuine harm if your head is unprotected. So, whenever you’re in Australia, either you keep a check on all the directions or just close your eyes and pray that you weren’t here in the first place.

6. This is surely a not so friendly looking kangaroo!


No big surprise the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, a cherished zookeeper and perhaps the most courageous individual ever, hails from Australia where risk prowls around pretty much every corner and you don’t know which creature represents a danger.

7. A few feet closer and you are a dead man!


This person needs a bigger boat or soon he will be eaten by this crocodile!

8. I would lose my shit if this happened with me!


Even if they are harmless, I would want to be 100 miles away from this thing.

9. A walk through the land of dead..


10.  These mini spiders will haunt you in your dreams!


Trip to Australia is surely off the bucket list!

11. I am sure everyone will look inside the toilet before sitting on it from now.


12. Later the python will feed on these toads..


Toads have no idea they are moving towards their death.

13. A dead whale which is about to burst!

Mark Watkins

Imagine getting killed by a dead sharks carcass!

14. Pink slug that will lick you with its sharp tongue!


Sharp tongue with sharp teeth will cut your skin!

Australia is much more scarier, we have plenty of other images to prove that! Scroll down and see!

15. Even the frogs will scare you!


16. Well thank god we don’t see snakes in our local stores.

But if you do, you surely live in Australia.

17. Hairy caterpillars? Well no, not a good idea!


In Australia, even caterpillars can be poisonous!

18. After seeing this someone will definitely have worm-o-phobia.


19. Not filling fuel ever in my life!


Filing up fuel could also be deadly? No one knew!

20. This looks like an alien from another planet!



This was found in Broome, Western Australia and resembles an anemone. More specifically, Dofleinia armata, the equipped anemone. Additionally called the striped anemone. It is considered amazingly hazardous as it can exact agonizing stings that take a long time to recuperate.

Nature can be marvellous and scary at the same time.

21. I hope no one meets a tiger-snake on their hike!


Turn around and never return to this area.

22. Not a rare sight for people living in Australia.

23. Even your shoes can kill you if you are in Australia.


Check the inside of your shoes before wearing them because well tiny snakes can be anywhere.

24. Tiny little friend peeking through your lunchbox.

Snake Catchers Adelaide

25. Imagine getting killed in a hail storm…


26. Even the ceiling lamp wants you dead.


Snakes aren’t welcomed, but they know how to be welcomed!

27. What’s creepier than finding a python in your toilet?

Meanwhile In Australia

No one would want to find a python in their toilet.

28. Little octopus, but its highly venomous!


Wondering if the person holding it is still alive..

29. Insect or a small mammal?


Creeped out? Well we have more! Scroll down and see.

30. Alien spider straight from another planet to your door!


“Looks like the face hugger from Alien” – Erika Jones

31. That bat hand will haunt me in my dreams..


Australia is one creepy continent!

32. Termites built this massive structure!


Image of a termite hill in the northern region of Australia, termites fabricate the tallest structures out of any of the animals on Earth. People would need to assemble something 10km (6.2 miles) tall to rise to the size of an individual to the building. Termite hills are likewise stronger than concrete.

Didn’t know termites could make such big mounds. Wondering what else are they capable of…

33. You can’t even use your microwave without being attacked by a spider.


34. Imagine waking up and seeing this thing on your front yard!


Just looking at a picture of this spider makes me scared!

35. In Australia, frogs feed on snakes!


36. Spider waiting for its prey to walk underneath the silk web.


The prey will get stuck in the web and won’t be able to escape!

37. Even the flies in Australia are horrible.


These flies will never leave you alone!

38. Nobody would even want to be near this thing..


39. This is the mess of nightmares!


Horrific millipedes, crawling all over you.

40. He was shocked when he saw what was on his leg!


Stick insects are found everywhere but it gets creepy when you see one crawling on your leg.

Most of you would’ve just removed Australia from your bucket list after reading this article, no? Which one of the images you think was creepiest of all? Let us know in the comments section below!

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