These Handmade Baby Grinch Dolls Are The Perfect Gift For This Christmas

Who wouldn’t like a baby grinch?

While I am aware he wasn’t the ‘best’ character in the movie, you have to admit his baby form was weirdly cute and horrific at the same time. And since we all know the movie ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ is the best Christmas movie ever. Fans of this classic don’t have to wait for any longer to get their hands on a grinch doll.

This isn’t like any other grinch doll you have seen before. it is incredibly realistic since it is handmade. And not only that but comes clothed in adorable Christmas themed clothes. If you thought that was it, that is where you are wrong. You also get a blanket to keep away the cold that you will surely feel this Christmas.

Available here: Etsy

They are a mix between adorable and creepy.

Especially their big bulbous eyes.

Cute baby Grinch inspired doll. Fuzzy faux fur hair. Comes with its own Christmas outfit and baby blanket. 18 inches long. Cloth Weighted body. Head, hands and feet handmade in solid plastic. Hand painted. These are made to order.

That is not to say they aren’t incredibly realistic.

Even the green fur that is dotted around the body is placed perfectly.

One of these dolls does cost $300 dollars but it clear that a lot of hard work is put into each and every one of them so it is worth the cash you splurge.

And let’s not forget the cute clothes they are wearing.

As long as you don’t sleep with it at night, I think you will be fine.

This Etsy shop owner does many more projects including this adorable baby Yoda doll if ‘Star Wars’ is more your thing.

Would you be getting this grinch doll as a gift? Or would you prefer one for yourself? Comment down below and let us know. And you might wanna share with your friends and family so they know what to get you this Christmas.

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