Behind The Scenes Pictures Of The Making Of The Evil Dead (1981) That Are Equally Scary

The Evil Dead is a classic.

If you go back and watch the original movie again, it still holds up pretty well mostly because of the practical effects and actors in prosthetics rather than CGI. As we all know CGI never ages well and the creators of The Evil Dead knew this. Of course, this movie is not to everyone’s taste as it can get quite campy for some but that is the charm of this movie.

And that is why we decided to go back and take a look at some behind-the-scenes pictures of the making of this movie that shine a new light on it. There is just something about this movie that reels people back in and that might be the chemistry between all the actors on screen or the unique camera style of the director. So let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos while also learning new facts.

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Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi wanted to create real terror.

And they believed that fia actors were in pain, it would create much more horror than fake scares.

Not only that but the cabin they filmed in also had a sordid history. This is the reason they specifically chose the cabin shown in the movie. As many peoples lives have been ended in that cabin in the weirdest ways possible. The original builder of the cabin actually passed away only a week after he finished it. If you think that is weird, the cabin was actually burned down by lightning only a week after the movie was finished filming.

Mostly everyone was also high off their gourds while filming and acting in this movie which is why it feels like such a trip.

And the camera movement the movie is known for was only because they couldn’t afford stabilizers so they had to get creative.

This actually worked in their favor as it is known for its weird and crazy camera movement. They achieved this by attaching the camera to a wooden board and running through the woods with it.

Many people ended up injured because of the movie and slowly but surely left.

When they started the crew had more than 20 people but by the end, only the original cast was left.

Betsy Baker almost didn’t play Linda.

This might sound weird but nobody knew the directors back then. And so when they asked Betsy to play Linda in the middle of the woods, she was suspicious. So she met with them in a crowded restaurant to get a sense of where their head is. Thankfully they convinced her and we got this incredible movie which wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Did you already know these things? Did any of these surprise you? Comment down below and let us know.

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