Best Friends Get Together To Take Some Horror Themed Pictures That’ll Creep You Out

How far is your best friend willing to go for you?

That is the question that keeps many people up at night. I know this may seem weird, but would your friend ever lie for you? Okay, so that is a common question and many friends do. But what if you are in serious trouble? Will they hide you from the police? Or what if you get a call in the middle of the night that they have ended someone’s life and need help?

Would you go and help them hide the body? Or would you call the police? I know this is an extreme case, but it is always fun to think about this stuff. After all, who doesn’t want to know their friend’s breaking point? Or perhaps, that is just me. Whatever your thoughts may be, these two best friends decided to do a horror-themed photoshoot. And they seem to be having quite the fun while trying to bury some guy who probably got in their way somehow. 

Source: Facebook

Their shirts may be bloody but they are having one heck of a time.

And they look ready to dig a ditch for the body.

Although it is always easier to hide a body if it is in a lot of pieces.

And drinking wine during the job is not something we would recommend.

Not that we recommend hiding a body or even ending someone’s life.

This might be a good time to use that chainsaw to cut up the body.

This sort of thing always takes up a lot of time when you have also been drinking.

Haven’t you heard that people who hide bodies together always stay together? A perfect way to make sure that your friend never leaves you is to make them an accomplice in your crime. That way they can never get rid of you for fear of being caught.

And you never want to do this in the middle of the day as someone might see you.

No reason to sit on the dirt when you have a perfectly cushy body to rest on.

I think they just gave up without digging a hole.

Even if the police finds the body, it is not as if they have picture proof of the crime.

Would you ever want to do this with your best friend? I am not talking about the m*rdering part. I am actually talking about the photoshoot. Why not share this with your friend and ask them to do a similar photo shoot with you? Let’s see what they have to say.

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