Photographer Takes Beautiful Pictures Of Black Cats For Halloween

  • By Saif
  • June 10, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Are you a fan of black cats? If not, you are about to be!

Sadly, there are many people who would adopt some other coloured cat rather than opting for a black one. According to a survey, the adoption rate for black cats stands at the lowest and they have the highest euthanasia rates. The reason? Probably just because they do not look so photogenic and the new generation, as we know, is all about Instagram and Facebook. So, their pets, food, clothes and everything else should be photogenic enough to flaunt. But perhaps, we could change that too!

There is an animal lover and a photographer who hails from Los Angeles and takes beautiful pictures of animals to help them get adopted. Isn’t that an amazing job? However, she did a great job in capturing gorgeous pictures of black cats so that she can change people’s perspective and help them in adopting those beautiful cats. We really hope that it leaves a strong impact on you and convinces you to adopt these adorable looking creatures.

The cats that you will see in the pictures below are from West Los Angeles Animal Services and Milo’s Sanctuary.

1. Maggie

Just look at those green eyes…

2. Tux

Does it actually seem like he’s wearing a tux or is it just me? Very handsome though.

3. Rita

She looks like one of those cats who could tell the future.

4. Onyx

Onyx seems like a fighter to me.

5. Luna

She’s probably looking at food while this picture is being captured.

6. Moon

Haha, that pose is savage!

7. Toby

Wow, Toby can stare directly into your soul.

8. Slinky

Slinky is the naughty one!

9. Trix

Trix is an innocent guy.

10. Max

Max will boss you around, for sure.

11. Spike

Is this what heaven looks like?

12. Frank

Frank is a decent guy and well mannered.

13. Eloise

He keeps trying to scare everyone with his cute little expressions.

14. Fergie

Fergie is walking in stealth mode.

As it comes to an end, did we change your opinion about black cats not being photogenic or adorable enough? Because cats are adorable creatures regardless of their colour and this discrimination towards black felines should come to an end. Every creature is beautiful in its own unique way and to see that, you just need to have a perspective. Just look at their faces, how can someone not adore these cute babies?

Anyway, all the cat lovers in here! Why don’t you share the pictures of your cats or tell us what did you think of these cats and if you were likely to adopt one, which one would you opt for? Let us know in the comments section below.


Source –  Instagram

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