Artist Recreated Children’s Book With Sinister Twists & It’ll Ruin Your Childhood

Kid books aren’t realistic.

However, when we look at books made especially for children, we aren’t really looking for realism. It is all about presenting the best of humanity to them rather than all the dark truths. After all, you want your child to grow up to be good and optimistic. Not a jaded person even though most of us end up this way when we get a taste of what the world has to offer.

And one particular artist realizes this. So rather than creating kid books that would make even an adult cry, they opted to recreate classic kid books to represent the truth with a funny twist. Not only are these hilarious but after all the laughter has died down, you will realize how relatable they really are and wallow in your pity. 

Scroll below to do just that.

Source: Instagram | Website

#1 I wish I had realized this years ago.

#2 Now I feel personally attacked but the cat is just too cute.

#3 I’d opt for the bear as it has the most meat.

#4 That is the best place to find it after all.

#5 And it comes in a red glass bottle.

#6 True but those are only kids on the cover.

#7 I wouldn’t say this is a lie.

#8 This sort of thing happens when you hold the book the wrong way.

#9 Let’s be honest, we all did this sort of thing when we were young.

#10 Yes, Babrie is perfect for this message.

The artist behind these works already has more than 160k followers and they are growing at quite a quick rate. This isn’t really surprising as they always come up with something. While they do have viewers who think the artist is pushing the envelope too much but most just love their dark humor. And I am definitely included in the latter category.

#11 It’s probabaly the kid in the red shirt, it is always him.

#12 You can never win against a cat and you don’t want to do that either.

#13 Everyone who is reading this?

#14 We all know how to pull the ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ face.

#15 Hopefully the pancake doesn’t get stuck to the ceiling.

#16 Can I have the address? I also want to do this.

#17 Cats are masters at shady things.

#18 That is one heck of a way to start your relationship.

#19 I love playing this game!

#20 Now this is just offensive.


#21 When are cats not suggesting it?

Would you ever read a book with these sorts of titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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