This Artist Illustrate Spine Chilling Comics With Unexpected Dark Ending

  • By Saif
  • June 8, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Everyone has gotten tired of conventional stories which usually have only two concepts i.e, a good guy is seen to be thrashing the bad guy. All the monsters and demons are always contending with the good guy and in the end, the good guy always wins. Although not all stories are plain black and white but you get the drill. It’s just always the same concept being repeated over and over while keeping everything really simple, but people are done being fed those stories.

Fortunately, there’s a writer who’s known by the name of Ehud Lavski and an illustrator Yael Nathan who has managed to grab this point and decided to take a different approach to storytelling. The stories seem pretty realistic but then again, those are just stories and nothing else.
However, once you put your attention to it, we bet you cannot simply just turn away until you finish it because it’s that captivating.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing short comics by Elcomics, scroll below.


The hunter seems to be tracking an animal since months and never had the opportunity to kill it. Let’s see if he gets lucky today or not.

Oh, he got it! It’s a fox. Is he going to get her this time or is she going to run away like she always does?

Finally, he kills her! But wait… the gunshot has attracted other predators

Wait, what? He was in search of a non-mutated fox? It seems that it was rare and he didn’t kill her. He just put her to sleep.

Aww. The fox is reunited with the love of her life.

He’s a hero! He has been saving all the non-mutated animals from being attacked by mutants.

He has been saving all the remaining species from being turned into mutants! What a great story. Simple and realistic.

See, how different this story was from the usual one’s we get to hear all the time? It didn’t have much but it depicted how a simple and ordinary guy has been trying to save animals from being turned into mutants. He didn’t do anything supernatural and was at the verge of death himself but decides to save as many animals as he can before he dies. Amazing story!


Let’s move onto the next one, shall we? Scroll down


Midnight Radio

Any idea what is she trying to hear on the radio?

It’s a radio station which plays haunting songs that she probably can relate to. But her obsession with those haunting songs are freaky or either she’s just a dark character with a past. Let’s see what unfolds next…

And she desperately tries to search for that channel, everywhere.

I think she found it!?

Coordinates to a place? Who would randomly just air coordinates of a place on a radio station? This is kinda creepy… but I want to know where those coordinates would lead.

Seems like a radio station to me! But it has started to make sense now… the place is situated in a haunted area hence it explains the music too.

Is that a…skeleton? Yikes! It’s a skeleton of a dead person who has been playing that music all along.

Wait… it ends here? But this has left me wondering if she was just a dark person or did she belong to the other part of the world? Either way, it did send chills down to my spine. Incredible story!

What did you think of it? This story is clearly for a specific type of audience who are into dark and haunted stories because not everyone can handle it. Let’s stroll onto the next one.

Cold Embrace

This one’s a love story! All the couples should embrace themselves because it would definitely have twists.

Noooo! That’s too soon…? I thought only George R. R. Martin enjoys killing it’s characters in GOT.

Seems like he was way too obsessed with her. But oh well, at least he got married although it would never be the same for him.

See, that’s exactly what I predicted. It’s too hard for a love-struck to find peace into another person other than the one he loves.

Did he just kill himself…? I hope not but I definitely did not see that coming. Let’s find out!

What the…? This is creepy and scary as hell! This story is going to give me nightmares.

Well, initially we thought this is going to be a love story but oh boy, we were so wrong. It was a short yet strong and a powerful comic which manages to send chills down the spine. One thing’s for sure, George R. R. Martin isn’t the only one killing his characters.

We hope it didn’t bore you because it was really different than what we usually read. And the weird part is, there was not much to it but with just a few images and a great script, the writer and illustrator managed to grab our attention! We would like to know which one did you enjoy the most? Share your views into the comment section and we will keep on coming with more comics to save you from boredom.

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