14 Creatures That Are More Terrifying Than We First Thought

Nature is dangerous.

Unlike humans, nature doesn’t operate with morals. So the poisonous plants or animals are not at fault. Some of these may be invasive species but most are just a part of the circle of life and mandatory for a healthy eco-system. However, that doesn’t mean we should cuddle with these creatures. Some of these may look beautiful but I wouldn’t recommend getting close to them.

We have all seen several videos where people are fine with grabbing insects and snakes. This may make you think that is fine to do but most of the time those people are either trained or they know if those particular animals can hurt them or not. That is why e have compiled a list of creatures that look harmless at first but can hurt someone easily if they want. So beware of these creatures by scrolling below and taking a look.

#1 Pine Processionary Caterpillars can ward off predators with it’s hairs which can cause irritation if you even accidentally touch one.

Via Salvatore Ingala / Wikimedia Commons

#2 This is a Black Scorpionfish and it catches it’s prey by sitting on the ocean floor and releasing a very serious toxin that can injure anyone.

Via Dmitriy Konstantinov / Wikimedia Commons,

#3 Browntail Moths have hair that is poisonous to humans and can cause irritation.

Via Donald Hobern / Wikimedia Commons,

#4 The poison on these Fire-Bellied Toads can make you seriously sick and leave you with rashes and a headache.

Via Marek Szczepanek / Wikimedia Commons

#5 Diving Beetle and it’s larvae have a painful bite that will take weeks to heal.

Via Hulcr / Wikimedia Commons

#6 Red Slugs can release parasites and they also eat anything they find .

Via © dns.de / Pikabu

#7 This beetle is known as the Meloe and it’s bite can cause burns and blisters on a human skin.

Via Algirdas / Wikimedia Commons,

If you are going to learn one thing from this article, I would say it should be not to touch insects that you find out in the wild. Even the most harmless ones can do serious damage when they feel like they are in danger. And usually the prettier something is, the dangerous it is. I think we have all heard the fact that most colorful animals are poisonous so just don’t touch them and you’ll be fine.

#8 Caspian Whipsnake don’t have poison in them but they are incredibly strong and will wring out your neck.

Via Yuriy Kvach / Wikimedia Commons

#9 Amphipoda seem harmless and usually thy are but they will bite you if they feel threatened which can cause a persistent rash.

Via Arnold Paul / Wikimedia Commons

#10 Backswimmers don’t usually hurt anyone but they can pierce someone skin with their sharp nose.

Via Ben Sale / Wikimedia Commons

#11 The tiger mosquito with the white stripes carries diseases like Dengue and Zika fever.

Via Mario Yordanov / Flickr

#12 Not many people are afraid of beavers but they are quite aggressive and will protect their territory with everything they have.

Via © hansbenn / Pixabay.com

#13 Bombardier Beetle can spit out a chemical that causes sever burns when it feels threatened.

Via gailhampshire / Flickr

#14 Most ladybugs are harmless but a select fewknown as Harlequin can pierce the skin of their attacker.

Via GLady / Pixabay.com

Did any of these surprise you? Have you ever interacted with any of these creatures? If so, how did it go? Comment down below and let us know.

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