32 Creepiest Children Drawings That Absolutely Freaked Out Everyone

People have always been interested and tried their best to get in contact with spirits or ghosts. Well, maybe not everybody and, definitely not the faint hearted ones. These people have even tried various ways to contact the dead ones. Ouija board being one of them, is the most common way of contacting the dead spirits.

Sometimes, however, we don’t need any external sources to get spooky. Our kids can be enough to scare us. Kids are really weird (we still love them!), and at times do weird things that can’t be explained. When we talk about children, we know that they have wild imaginations. They think of unthinkable things, say the creepiest things out loud, draw scary drawings etc. They often leave adults speechless with questions that can’t be answered. Kids also have different ways of showing out their imagination. The most accessible way is through their drawings of things they imagine or maybe even see! We have collected those creepy drawings by children and we are sure they will leave you feeling unpleasant.

1. The mighty Hulk.

This drawing shows Hulk holding the Kardashians and smashing them with his hands. Maybe the kid had enough of the Kardashian clan and drew what he wished for….

2. Slide that leads to death…

Kids talking about death is not very appropriate. And talking about death on a birthday card is certainly not a good idea. The mood transitions show how a person is happy in the beginning of the slide but the happiness fades away as we get closer to death.

3. Breaking out of a tomb.

The kid clearly knows that not many people get to live 100 years of age. He plans to break out of his tomb when he is 100, and do God knows what?

4. Valeri, leave or die…

This kid’s drawing would’ve left anybody in shock. Clearly someone doesn’t want Valerie to be in his life.

5. A shadow alien best friend?

This drawing is really spooky, the kid shows how she has a best friend that looks really scary and looks like a shadow that has face similar to an alien. How did the kid come across such a spooky face? The drawing even looks very vivid.

6. Stalker Demon

This kids drawing shows how he is having a great time with his family and he is all happy about it. What’s concerning about this is the demon, who is not following them today. Does the demon live with them in their house? Guess we’ll never know..

7. Sacred Sacrifice

The little girl isn’t really fond of her sister, and planned to give away her sister to Aliens… that’s something scary. How badly did she want to get rid of her elder sibling?

8. Fight me and I will kill you, daddy.

“Lock your bedroom door and hide all knives!” – Kjorn

9. Surrendering your body to Satan

The Satan is now a part of you and lives within you.

10. Dancing above her grave

The kid has some really terrifying plans of dancing with his father on mommy’s grave. Guessing what made the kid think such a petrifying idea?

11. I will start loving you when you’re dead, Grandma.

Maybe the kid meant that she’ll still love her grandma even if she dies, or… maybe she meant she wants her grandma to die? Kids can be really weird.

12. Imaginary Friend?

Imaginary friends can be creepy, specially this one. He has so many arms. Maybe kid just wanted an octopus shaped human as a friend?

13. Making Timmy sleep forever…..

“And little Timy didn’t woke up again. The End.” – Sergio Bicerra

14. The Face less friend

15. Old lady who follows me.

This is one creepy and detailed drawing, and the kid says that this lady followed him. Yikes! This one sent shivers down my spine

16. Momma make this monster stop, I don’t want to be followed by him….

17. Maniac man in a big tower

This drawing shows how a maniac man has kept people captive in a tall building and makes them jump into lava? Wondering what building it is, if it actually exists.

18. Place that sells human heads and meat.

This drawing shows a cannibalism place where human heads are being served. Wondering what George W. Bush is doing in the middle though.

19. Happy birth/death day Momma!!

”it’s great she takes time to wrote “not you”” – Kjorn

20. Hello shadow friend, do you want to play?


21. Christmas or more like deathmiss

The kid doesn’t really have a good perception of Christmas.

22. Ancestor Tonso the powerful man who lives in mirror

“Imagination or knowledge? Sometimes it is better not to know for sure…” – Hans

23. Lady who visits at night

24. I would love you more if you were dead

I would be scared if someone tells me they would love me more if I were dead… not a very nice thing to say to someone.

25. Cutting you in your sleep

Wondering who the kid wants to cut when they are peacefully sleeping

26. Red-eyed watcher

I am certain no one wants to be watched by someone who has red eyes.

27. Disfigured witch


Is that the kid’s imagination or is it what he has seen? Sometimes no answer is the best answer.

28. Hey, how are you doing in hell?

Not a letter that anyone would want.

29. He will rise and you will die!

30. Card with a creepy Santa.

Santa has a creepy shadowy figure along with him…

31. The deathly village

“While most of the entries here are scary, this is very sad. No imagination, but a pretty realistic depiction one must assume. I feel very sorry for this.” – Hans

32. Willow is my friend, only I can see him…

Did you find these drawings are spooky and as creepy as we did? Which one of the drawings scared you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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