Here’s What’s The Creepiest Thing About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have been told about our astrological sign’s traits once in our life. Regardless of your beliefs about astrology, it is always intriguing to hear what your astrological sign reveals about you. It explains how you perform in your romantic life, relationships and occupational life. It also reveals what drives you and what your soul seeks.

You would meet a lot of people who would brag about their star sign and talk about how much admirable qualities they possess. However, what everyone forgets and chooses to ignore is that every sun sign has some very creepy and shocking traits. If you thought you have the perfect sun sign, you might reconsider after reading about your sign below. You might even spot some traits that you have witnessed in other people.

Aries: Appalling violent tendencies

This may not be a new information. Aries are known to be easily provoked and become very violent when they are angry. They may not have the best temperament amongst all the zodiac signs. Though they are similar to Leo and Sagittarius in terms of having strong views and being stubborn in their mannerism, what distinguishes them is how their passion and drive manifest into violent behaviors. This can be very horrifying because they won’t hesitate to express all that anger. It is their way of processing emotions.

Taurus: Possessive by nature

Taurus sign is possessive by nature. They love hard and tend to be very controlling in regards to claiming the ones they love. They enjoy ownership of materials and humans they love; they find comfort in knowing what is theirs is only theirs to possess. Their stubbornness to claim things and people they love can make them appear very unbalanced and creepy.

Gemini: Disloyal

While every sign has their share of bad qualities, Gemini’s trait of disloyalty is most pinching. They are widely known to be cheaters, liars and two faced. They will go behind their friends’ back and gossip, giving everyone the tea. People with Gemini as their star sign are not inherently bad people, but their characteristic of not respecting what someone has trusted you with can really put a lot of people off. Someone who is a true Gemini, it can be very hard for him or her to completely commit, be loyal and honest.

Cancer: Martyr complex

Cancers find an odd comfort in being the ‘victim’. They are well aware how deeply they invest in relationships and everything. Along with that they also know that what they get in return does not equate to what they have invested, which reinforces their ‘victim mentality’ of being the consistent caregiver who always suffers. They believe their lives are the epitome of misfortune and mistreatment.

A tip for cancer: Avoid feeling satisfied with having people depend on you and needing you, it only creates an unhealthy balance in your relationships and perpetuates your victim mentality.

Virgo: Control freak

It is normal to deeply for care for people, but Virgos take it to another level. They are so determined to ensure that things are the way they supposed to be and everything is happening according to the standard that they forget to care about those around them. They will take it upon themselves to plan everyone, without letting others contribute. Virgos may thing that they are doing people a favor by not burdening them, but it really comes out very negatively.

Even in relationships, their infinite dedication becomes so unhealthy and results in an unbalanced relationship, with no real connect left to pursue.

Libra: Unnecessary empathy for bad people

Libras are praised for their forgiving, caring and empathizing nature. They are able to view and understand all aspects of a situation and only come to a fair conclusion. These are the most valued qualities that all Libras take pride in.

However, don’t get too happy Libras! There are always limitations to even empathy and Libras tend extend it to problematic people. You would put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their standpoint so you can sympathize with them. You will do it even if their morals and values completely go against what you stand for.

Scorpio: You are drawn towards disturbing realities

Scorpio’s intensity and passion is like none other. They get oddly drawn towards things that drive them and motivate them. And this is not limited to good things; they also get drawn as well as repelled towards upsetting things in equal proportion. Though they would be repelled, they would also have the urge and curiosity to dive in and come closer to these things e.g. crime and taboo activities. They don’t fear new experiences, even if it brings them close to danger.

Sagittarius: Most likely to be a cult leader

Sagittarius fall into a dangerous territory. Due to their natural thirst for adventures and wanderlust, they are likely to be best candidates for being cult leaders. They are extremely intense and focused with their ideologies and ideas; it is hard for them to restrict themselves to only their regular lives. Not only that, they would also push and encourage others to get out of their boring and stable lives to do something brave.

Capricorn: Unmatched Ambition

Scorpios might be kinds of passion and Sagittarius of adventure, but no one can match the rising ambition and determination of Capricorn. You won’t appreciate those who come in your way to and hinder your plans.  You are ready to give up anything to achieve your goal and that sets you apart from signs. Your fierce ambition is unparalleled.

Aquarius: Your ideas about helping people

People who have Aquarius as their star signs can act in extremely selfish ways.  They would not care about feelings of those around you as they consider those ‘irrational’. They are too much occupied with actual work to show emotions like ‘empathy’. They care more about saving the wider society than humans in their lives. They often forget that the ‘world’ they are trying to better include the people they are hurting. But who cares? As long as they are working, everyone should understand how much they hustle and deserve some leniency.

Pisces: Emotional wreck

People with Pisces as their astrological sign are driven by what they heart says. Their feelings inspire them to move on from what has wronged then and also create new, loving and caring environment for themselves. They have a lot of capacity to care and love dearly.

However, they often lose balance and tend to go overboard with their feelings and emotions. Their heightened emotions overwhelm them and lead them into dark spaces. They will find themselves dwell over emotions that are not doing them and others any justice. Their emotions will take an irrational side, and though they are aware of it, they would still put the blame at other people. This jeopardizes their relationships. There is a lot of drama and wrath involved.

Do you relate to your sign’s trait mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below and share incidents where you experienced these feelings and qualities.

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