22 Creepy Clown Pictures From Old Times That Will Give You Nightmares

I don’t hate clowns.

I know you may not believe me on that because we here on creepy love to rag on clowns. And I think the hate for clowns has only increased since the first movie IT was released. However, it seems clowns have never not been creepy. It is just the makeup for me. And I know some people will piss their pants if they see a clown in the wild.

There used to be a time when clowns were the main entertainment at every party but that time is long past as no one wants anything to do with clowns. I am not at all hating on people who do this or passionate about being a clown but you have to admit clowns have never been portrayed well in the media. 

So even if the following pictures are normal, some may still find them sort of unnerving. If you don’t believe me, you can look at them yourself by scrolling below. 

#1 Atleast the person behind the paint looks happy in this picture. The same can’t be said for the kid.

#2 Just a man smoking and chilling at a circus.

#3 The kid might not be crying but she isn’t ecstatic either.

#4 I don’t know about anything else but I love the ‘haircut’.

#5 A clown caught in motion dancing.

#6 I don’t think I have ever seen a kid smiling with a clown.

#7 He is about to turn those balloons into something else.

#8 The classic red hair that clowns have right here.

#9 The nose makeup is starting to smudge.

#10 The smile on the kid looks very uncomfortable.

#11 Is that a giant man or is the clown wearing stilts?

#12 A dog does make everyone happy so I understand the little girl.

#13 I am pretty sure that is Ronald McDonald.

#14 The clown doesn’t look like he wants to do this.

#15 My only question is why?

#16 They might have wanted to scare her out of the hospital or something.

There are also American Horror Story seasons where clowns are portrayed to be evil so I understand why people don’t like clowns as a general. It is nothing against the people in the circus. I suppose it is the makeup and everything that makes the person creepy or maybe it is our personal bias. Although most of these pictures are quite normal looking.

#17 The kid is like ‘Who is this guy?’

#18 Atleast the kid looks comfortable with the family.

#19 Although I admit, clown makeup requires a lot of effort.

#20 Okay, this is adorable and no one can convince me otherwise.


#21 The clothing looks quite unique.

#22 A big no from me.

What do you think of these pictures? Comment down below and let us know.

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