23 Creepy Halloween Nail Art Ideas That You Must Try This Halloween

  • By Saif
  • July 3, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

We won’t even realize and Halloween will be around the corner, just creeping on us to decide how to dress up. Most importantly, we would have to decide how creepily to dress up. Every small detail matters and we aim to look as scary as possible. For those who are planning to not leave even a single detail in their costume, we have collected some really cook and Halloween look worthy nail designs. These are from macabre manicure collection, designed by a 27 year old Dutch nail artist called Piggieluv. She is a self-taught artist who has mastered the art of creating thriller nail art. And lucky for us, she is talented enough to create this eerie Halloween nail art designs to help us plan our costume!

During an interview for the site Bored Panda (boredpanda.com), she talked about how much drawn she is towards horror art and designs. “I had so much fun making Halloween nail art in 2014, and I’ve been making crazier designs each year. It’s my chance to go all out!”, says Piggieluv. Below we have designs that are all kinds of spooky e.g. blood-stained designs, spidery theme, creepy ghost theme,
skeletons, haunted house theme and even mummies!

More info: PiggieLuv | Instagram (hellogiggles)

Scroll to the end to find the nail art you have been looking for all along!

1. Masked!

2. The Mummy

This has to be the most intricate nail art design. Just notice how perfectly the cloth has been cut and placed on the nails. The eyes giving us the creepy feels!

3. Charlotte’s web

I am not sure how they painted the web on the nails, but damn these minute details were designed so well!

4. Stitched

5. Ghost under the bed

Remember the time in childhood when we would go to bed and get scared about the supposed ghost under our bed? Well, this nail art is the perfect tribute to that! With a scared monkey in the bed and ghosts coming out once the lights are shut off, this nail art confirms all our assumptions from childhood.

6. Night horrors

Another night, another monster creeping into the room in a child’s room! And are those devil’s green eyes? Piggieluv has created illuminating designs where the appearance of the nails changes in different light exposures.

7. Death is coming for all of us in the one

8. Golem art

9. The haunted

As haunted and creepy as it looks, it would be one hell of an experience to spent a night here with your friends.

10. If ‘Love hurts’ had a face

This just reminds us how deeply love hurts. It hits deep and leaves bleeding marks.

11. Cut throat

If you are planning to hold a sword on halloween, you might as well do this nail art to compliment the whole dangerous look

12. A devil’s dream

‘The flames are so detailed’, – ElinaTheAwesome. We think so too, Elena!

13. Wobbly

And the ‘creepiest nail art’ award goes to…

14. Rise from the dead

The most daring and scariest thing someone can do to pay a tribute to Halloween is to just visit a graveyard at night! Seems like a death wish though

15. Oh, bloody!

16. Creeper

Not gonna lie, this one is actually really pretty. The purple nail polish is gorgeous and the skeleton also fits the aesthetic. I would even do it on a regular day

17. Mummy part 2

18. Spidey

19. Phantom

Is anyone planning to become a ghost this Halloween? This nail art should be your go-to and also necessary costume item. Your look just won’t be complete without this. Focus on the details!

20. The bat cat


Those eyes are just creeping into my terrified soul! And look at those brown and multi colored patterns. How is it even possible to paint this on nails?

So did these nail art designs give you an idea what you want to be this Halloween? I don’t know about you but I definitely know what I am going to be. I will be a bat cat with mummy body and those cut throat nails. Mixing it all makes it even creepier!

Let us know in the comments below which one you liked best.

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