35 Creepy Illustrations Ripped Straight From Your Nightmares

These illustrations tell a story. 

Do you know what every artist wants? For their art to tell a story without uttering a single word. While writers can explain in thousands of words what they want their readers to feel, artists employ another tactic. To somewhat infuse a particular emotion that will get invoked when you take a look at that painting. And I can safely say the artist behind these illustrations is a master at that. 

They are not horrific for gore sake. He clearly wants the viewers to feel like they’re in the scene with the main character. And his unique art style certainly helps in that regard mixing reality and fantasy effortlessly. So take a look at these haunting illustrations for yourself by scrolling below. A fair warning beforehand as some of these may actually give you nightmares.

Source: Instagram

#1 The hunger is endless.

#2 Trapped with nowhere to go.

#3 No need to be scared.

#4 Coming for you.

#5 A quick end for them.

Full time Krampus mask carver, Illustrator and Concept Artist from Salzburg, Austria. I find it thrilling to “play” with the fear of the viewer, tell a story with my paintings and make viewers think.

#6 The fear of unknown.

#7 Harnessing the power of evil.

#8 Escaping from reality.

#9 No need for sleep.

#10 From the blood river, we walk.

#11 Sleepless nights.

#12 Being consumed.

#13 A surprising visitor.

#14 Religious belief.

#15 The power to summon the departed.

#16 Unfurling your wings.

The artist behind these paintings goes by the name of Stefan Koidl and he is already working on an art book so what people can get prints of his unique illustrations. He also has more than 260k followers and he seems to be growing at quite a fast rate which he definitely deserves. You can check out even more of his work on his Instagram

#17 Crazinees overtaking.

#18 Trapped within your body.

#19 The goat.

#20 Unnerving hunger.


#21 Never alone.

#22 The silence of water.

#23 The lake filled with bodies.

#24 Traps all around us.

#25 Seeing the other side.

#26 No need for milk.

#27 Hiding behind a paperbag.

#28 What lurks in the shadows?

#29 Don’t close the door.

#30 No hope left.

#31 Slenderman.

#32 Pandora’s box.

#33 Trying to escape.

#34 He will come.

#35 The end.

Did you love these illustrations as much as I did? I honestly felt a shiver running down my spine when viewing some of these and that doesn’t happen often. Comment down below and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to share these gorgeous works of art with your friends.

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