Artist Creates Creepy Realistic Cakes That’ll Spice Up Your Halloween Dinner

  • By Saif
  • July 7, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Cakes can be used in almost any and every occasion. But we all are familiar with the fact that cakes are mostly used on birthdays. Cakes can be used to make our events more joyous. Cakes are taken as the best method of celebration as it makes people stay around until the cake cutting ceremony is completed. It permits people to eat, sing and play which makes the environment more energetic and fun.

Everybody has their own special day which they celebrate utilizing a cake. These days a cake isn’t restricted uniquely for a birthday celebration. It has occurred on numerous events like wedding parties, commemoration celebrations, and so on. It just adds another flavour to your method of celebration. The cakes that we have for you in this article aren’t any average mediocre cakes, they are the cakes that you might have not seen ever in your life. In this article, we have a collection of unique creepy cakes, that people have used on various occasions (not sure about the occasions thou).

1. Cross-sectional body cake.

This cake has different tiers and each tier shows the cross-section of a human body internal organ. I wonder who would want to eat such a gross looking cake…

2. Skull underwater

This cake is a skull-shaped cake, with octopus limbs on top. This cake looks so realistic!

3. Tree through the deer

We can see a tree that is emerging from within a deer & the roots of the tree are deep under. The tree is a part of the deer. Veins and blood vessels of the deer near the eye look really scary.

4.  Face with two halves

One half of the cake shows a woman’s face which is really mesmerizing, the other half is deformed.

5. Smiling through the pain

6. Head of a princess

The skull has so many jewels, looks like this was a skull of a princess who loved wearing jewels.

7. You have my heart

You know when someone tells you “You have my heart”, this cake is an embodiment of that statement.

8. Saved the head.

A grilled swan cake, with the head still intact…

9. Praise the bull!

Seems like other little skulled animals have been sacrificed for the might bull.

10. None can escape death…

The coffin represents the death of someone, and we know that death leaves no one behind….

11. We’re one entity

These are the skulls of conjoined twins. They are one and can’t be parted, anyone attempt to part them away will cause trouble….

12. Morphed feline

Cat with creepy human hands will rip your heart out with its sharp nails…..

Keep going readers and viewers, we have a lot of scary, realistic-looking creepy cakes for you. Scroll down!

13. Flaying of a human head

One can’t live long after being skinned.

14. Faces underneath the handmade heart.

People with scared expressions and needles on them looks like some black magic epiphany

15. Calling the dead

This is an Ouija board cake, someone’s planning to share the cake with spirits.

16. The human pie!

Instead of raspberries, the filling of the cake is made of blooded human skulls!!

17. Chaining demons

Chaining the demons that are inside the person and then trying to pull them out.

18. heart of gold

Different chambers of the heart that are captured inside a cage that is made of gold

19. Echo of the heart


20. Boned corset

Corsets were worn by women to get their bodies in a particular shape. Wearing corsets hurts, thus the bones.

21. Liver on a plate

Two pieces of liver that are being served with some carrots and pears, guess who is going to have a bloody liver cake tonight?

22. And they lived happily ever after

Two skulls signifying a couple who spent their life together and died together…

23. The masked man

24. Stitch it up…

The cake shows different parts of the skin that have been cut and stitched back together, with a skull on top.

25. Tentacles infused with the skull

Looks like someone took tentacles and stitched them with a person’s skull. I am sure this would be one tentastic cake!

Hope you enjoyed all these not to scrumptious looking cakes. Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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