35 Creepy Short Stories That’ll Keep You Up Tonight

Writing is not for everybody. Sure, we all like to think we are the real writer, but in reality it’s a very hard job and not everyone can cope with the entire process of creative writing. One might even feel like giving up when faced with a writers block. This however, is not the case for this Canadian author, Peter Chiykowski.

He is known for the short stories he writes for postcards. This amazing author has a very unique style of writing or better yet, he doesn’t have a specific style of writing but like to mix things up by mashing up genres and switching tones. His creative writing style is so out of the box that it would leave you guessing or super shocked as to what the story turned into. From what it seems, his brain works like that and boy is it wonderful!

These short stories aren’t just your average fairy tales or scary stories, well, they might be scary but only because they tell the truth and the actual reality of the world. The bitter truths so to speak and nobody is ready to hear them! That’s what scares us, doesn’t it? A reality check. He certainly has done a great job in doing that. Check out his amazing work. These stories will make you think twice!

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1. The actual rescuer!

“I’M not crying, my eyes are just sweaty…” – Gillbella

2. The real victims.

3. Which path to take

4. Surrounded but still alone.

5. Let’s play fetch.

One of the best things about writing short stories, well, other than his great spine chilling content, is that he managed to make a living out of it. And it has been almost four years already! “I’ve cobbled together a full-time career writing inspiring stories, drawing webcomics, appearing at conventions, developing for the tabletop RPG EMBERWIND, and running Kickstarters, like one I have going right now for my short stories and deck of story prompts,” he says. “I have a weird background as a freelance writer and illustrator in a bunch of random genres. I’ve worked on everything from video games to pinball machines to literary poetry to Korean comic translations. It’s a weird life, but I love it. I think that’s why my motivational stories take on so many genres and styles.” He continued.

6. Maybe the world will become a better place. If only…

7. It does get hard to find acceptance or support.

8. Just take a little bit of courage.

9. Sadly, it has consumed us. There is no getting out of it.

Until death do us part.

10. Some sacrifices are necessary, I suppose.

A writer starts off as a reader. “I’ve always been a big reader of just about every genre,” Peter said. Before working on his own stories, he even worked for Canadian literary journals. “I started off writing poems and short stories for Canadian literary journals in 2009ish, which was around the time my webcomic Rock Paper Cynic started taking off. I had more and more work to do on the webcomic and less and less time for short stories, which sometimes took weeks to finish. Over time, I stopped writing stories altogether.”

11. Vanishing… Slowly.

“Alzheimer’s written in word form” – Jessamyn Zolcznski

12. Hey man! Leave the dog alone.

13. And the wise protect the land.

14. Pride.

It’s all worth it.

15. Oh, how it must feel to be free.

He couldn’t stay away for too long. He’d get ideas that he felt the need to note down, and it worked in our favor. Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime! “The longer I went without writing, the more I’d have these weird little nugget-ideas for short story premises. I’d jot them down and daydream about what I’d write. When I find the time. It took a few years for me to realize I’d never find the time, so I decided to make the time. I started off trying to write down these ultra-short stories, and because I was so used to visual storytelling from my webcomic, I experimented with different graphic formats.”

16. For generations to discover.

17. Excuse me while I run.

18. What could be worse than living with hellfire.

19. An escape. We all need it.

20. However long it lasts. We wait…


The one that really stuck with him was the ‘postcard story’ that became the basis for his project, Shortest Story. “I loved the idea that these felt like postcards sent from parallel realities, alternate selves and impossible worlds that feel familiar even while being full of fantasy or horror or science fiction. I loved that every narrator could be you.”

21. And the experiment continued for decades.

22. Can’t say that doesn’t sound fun.

23. More like every place is haunted.


25. The circle of life.

“It helped that inspiration was out there. A Small Fiction by James Miller is an incredible example of the power of microfiction, and the photo-comic A Softer World by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne has always been a favorite of mine.”

26. You were wrong General.

If only you knew!

27. Ummm…no.

28. Don’t want to know what could’ve been.

29. Deep, Dark, and Huge af.

30. Who let this person be a teacher?

“The best time to start your creative project was yesterday. The next best time is today,” the author added. “It’s a cliche, but it’s a damn good one. If you have a creative project you’ve been wanting to pursue, give yourself permission to try and to fail. Start now. Go ahead and make a joyous mess of it. The worst that can happen is that you do a horrible job and no one but you ever knows about it. But even that will let you learn something so you can start again on stronger footing tomorrow. There’s a version of you one year in the future who is looking back through time at you at this exact moment, and they’re wishing they could tell you to just go for it. I’d listen to them. They’re from the future, so they know what’s up!”

31. Happy to see… nobody.

32. It’ll eat you alive… Internally.

33. Sorry my love, will be right back.

34. It’s never about the luck.

35. You can never be ready for it.

These were absolutely spine chilling. Can’t even begin to think what goes on his head when he thinks of all these stories. What about you? What did you think of them? Did you manage to go through them all without skipping the scary ones? Let us know in the comments section below!

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