26 Photos Of Cute Animals Eating Fruits That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

Does the title sound too weird to be true?

Well, you’ve got me there. After all, how could animals eating fruits be anything other than adorable? It’s not like you’re seeing them tearing into the flesh of another creature.

That’s where you’re wrong since most of these so-called fruits look exactly like blood and flesh. And it doesn’t help that most of these adorable creatures are quite excited to eat these berries.

So if you’ve always wondered, if a cute bunny could look absolutely terrifying, then you’ve come to the right place. The answer is, yes. It f**king can. Scroll on below and take a look at what the animal kingdom has to offer.

#1 Just look at those bloodshot eyes.

Via Miss March

#2 Well, this one is quite excited to tear into that strawberry.

#3 Who needs lipstick when you’ve got berries?

#4 I have no idea why this one even exists.

#5 I never noticed how bloody a turtle’s eyes can be.

#6 I guess the murder victim’s family just came in then.

Via Harries Universe

#7 Okay, I am very sure that this is not a berry.

Via brokebackhill

#8 I’ll admit, this one is not so terrifying.

Via coolanimalspics

#9 ‘When you’re too hungry to care how your picture turns out.’

#9 ‘When you’re too hungry to care how your picture turns out.’

#10 Too close for comfort buddy.

#11 At least this one has dark abyssal eyes and not bloodshot red.

#12 He does not look too happy.

#13 This makes it look like he has human lips which is a disturbing thought.

#14 Okay, this is just adorable.

#15 So the head is a strawberry? Makes sense.

#16 Nothing left for the other guy.

#17 Where are the eyes?

#18 Tortoises and turtles sure do love berries.

#19 The look of a psychopath before he murders someone.

#20 This is one is quite normal.


#21 Got caught red-handed.

#22 Before the nap time.

#23 The scene of the murder.

#24 I think it’s a bit too big for you buddy.

Via imgur

#25 ‘When you try to draw on doll lips and fail.’

#26 A baby to brighten the mood.

Did any of these images invoke your nightmares? Or did you find these adorable? Comment down below and let us know.

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