Artist Creates Porcelain Dolls With A Horrific Twist That Will Give You Nightmares

It is not easy to work with Porcelain.

And yet this particular artist chooses to buy old porcelain dolls off auctions and give them a new coat of paint so to speak. Rather than bringing these figurines to their original beauty, she likes to put a horrific twist on each and every one of her works. From detaching the head of the lady figurine to showing their intestines outside of the body, there are many things wrong with these dolls.

And not one of those is the artist’s style. Because I absolutely adore her unique take and she aptly calls this project the ‘Broken Ladies’. We are not aware of the inspiration behind her work but I can safely say I have never seen anything like it and that is actually a good thing. You can take a look for yourself by scrolling. Some of you might feel a bit uncomfortable with the dolls so here is your warning.

Source: Instagram | Website

#1 Easier to breathe now.

#2 Who needs a head?

Jessica Harrison lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland and is based at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. She graduated from Edinburgh University with a practice-based PhD in Sculpture in 2013 and became an academician of the Royal Scottish Academy in 2015.

Jessica exhibits her work internationally and is represented in numerous collections, both public and private, including the Princesshof Ceramic Museum (Leeuwarden), the University of Edinburgh Art Collection (Edinburgh), Pallant House Gallery (Chicester), the Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh) and the New Art Gallery Walsall (Walsall).

#3 When you take off your makeup.

#4 Dancing till the skin starts falling off.

#5 Two faced people.

#6 No need for a brain when you have beauty.

#7 When you can’t find your jumping rope.

#8 The beauty from the inside.

#9 Paint me like one of your french girls.

#10 ‘Do you see this?’

#11 ‘Shall I lend you a hand?’

The artist behind this project is Jessica Harrison and she garnered quite a following as she usually focuses on repainting and recreating porcelain dolls with her own unique twists. She has over 39 k followers and she deserves all the attention she gets. As working with antique porcelain dolls is not as easy as it looks. You can also buy some of her work on her website if you want to bring some carnage to your home.

#12 No need for any skin.

#13 The heartless woman.

#14 When you crack your neck.

#15 Justice really is blind.

#16 When you get a bad sunburn.

#17 ‘Can you see inside of me?’

#18 When you pull too hard.

#19 A little pool of blood to bathe in.

#20 When you get a stomach ache.


#21 ‘You say I have no heart? What about this?’

What are your thoughts on these porcelain dolls? Would you ever decorate your home with these? Or do you think they are too violent for your home? Comment down below and let us know.

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