Artist Brilliantly Illustrates Fast Food Mascots As Villains

  • By Saif
  • July 23, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

There are a lot of fast food companies that use mascots to sell their products in a big way! These mascots have now become a sign of these famous food chains. And they can be seen from miles away and instantly be recognized that this mascot belongs to this specific food chain.

This is a technique to increase your consumption. People tend to be attracted to the pictorial cues. These pictorial cues help in persuading people to buy their product and these food companies usually use happy and good looking mascots in order to persuade people. The food companies use these mascots so people could connect with them on a more personal level.

But what if these mascots were turned into horrible and scary looking villains? Never thought of that, right? Well, we have collected the most famous fast-food chains and turned their mascots into villains! Scroll down to see what the villains would look like!

Source – Instagram

1. Wendy’s

She will definitely chop your head off. Do you know what her favourite voice is? It is the voice of your blood gushing from your neck!

2. McDonald’s

Be afraid, be very afraid of the joker.

3. Subway

They laughed at my sandwich-making skills, so I laughed while I was killing them slowly.

4. Mom’s touch

Here at Mom’s touch, after the dark and deep night has begun, they offer you a night of eternal sleep.

5. Dunkin’ donuts

Welcome to the world of monsters and killers!

6. Domino’s pizza

Cat woman will attack you with her long nails, cutting your skin open!

7. Pizza hut

As the moon has awoken with the sleep of the sun! The spell has begun!

8. Tim hortons

9. Starbucks

Scary mermaid will wait for you at night, bite you with her sharp teeth and suck the blood outta you!

10. Dairy queen

When witches go riding, black cats are seen. Did you see any black cat on your way to Dairy Queen?

11. Arbys

Hell is empty, as the devil is here at Arbys.

Scroll down! We have more for you!

12. Little Caesars

A hint of human blood in the red sauce is what makes the pizza so special!

13. Carl’s jr

With this beast looking for you, there is no place where you can hide.

14. KFC

After a day of killing and making mince of human meat, the old man needs some rest.

15. Chick-Fil-A

Come and visit me in hell..

16. Jack in the box

Run or Jack will take you to a dark and creepy place.

17. Burger king

Knock knock! Let the Ice King in.

18. Jollibee

At Jollibee, they bulge out the eyes of their victims and make meatballs…

19. Panda express

The shadow behind the panda is a scary witch, which will lurk out for you in the dark.

20. Taco bell


This inhumane place makes monsters…

21. Five guys

Stare at their faces for too long and you will realize that they are not humans…

These mascots look so horrifying, they will always come to my mind next time I go to one of these food chains. They look really scary! Which one of these illustrations scared you the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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