Self-Taught Artist Shows The Fate Of Disney Princesses And Famous Pop Icons

  • By Saif
  • June 10, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Hello to all our creepy fans, we have got something special for you today!

Aren’t we just tired of those conventional glamourous makeovers that we see every day? Whether it’s a Disney Princess or the famous Pop Icons, they look ridiculously good with their makeovers. Because all we see is that glittery beauty pouring out of their skin which is not even close to reality. But what if they were to get a real makeover after facing an unpleasant situation? For instance, after the famous snow-white had that poisoned apple, she just went into a deep slumber rather than the poisoned apple peeling off her skin! OR don’t you wonder what would an actual rapunzel look like after getting tangled in her own hair? “Things are about to get ugly,” says the makeup artist.

To make things interesting and depict a more creepy version of these pretty looking actresses or singers, we came across an artist who doesn’t restrict herself to preppy glamorous looks like the conventional beauty gurus but would rather opt for the scariest, creepiest, and at times, ridiculously gross special effects which would definitely send a tingling sensation down your spine. We are talking about Mykie, who happens to be a self-taught professional beauty and special effects artist, from LA. Mykie has more than a million followers on Youtube & Instagram and she keeps sharing her work with her followers! Let’s go ahead and take a look at her some of the most Glamorous and Gory creations;

More info: Instagram | Youtube | Facebook Glamandgore.com

1. Let’s start with a happy clown in the start of the movie VS when it turns evil.

Now THIS is the type of scary clown we would like to see!

2. Ever seen Lana Del Ray turning into a zombie? Well, there you go!

We bet she would still have a magical voice!

3. Remember the mermaid being exposed to the toxic waste? Well, that’s how it should have been.

Scary and evil AF!

4. Prom Queen after fighting for the crown.

Damn, the details are too good!

5. Well, here’s one of our favourites, Snow-white after eating the poisoned apple!

This version of snow-white is definitely going to burn the world down.

Mykie sure knows how to intrigue the audience by her incredible skills! However, the most impressive part is that she is a self taught artist and her work already speaks for herself! On another note, did anyone notice how BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!? We are totally drooling over her!

6. Who remembers the wicked witch? Well, that’s her after melting!

Freddy, is that you?

7. Barbie is famous for her plastic surgeries, isn’t she?

It’s a bit too dramatic though but still, it’s amazing!

8. Here’s the mermaid after getting hooked.

Well, she’s pretty hot either ways!

9. Rapunzel after being tangled in her own hair!

But nope, we just hate living in realities, don’t we?

10. Do we even need to tell you who that is!? The famous Danerys, after she became “Khaleesi”

Is it just me or the resemblance is uncanny!

11. Now this is the REAL frozen Elsa!

Beautiful but spooky AF!

Sadly we have reached the end of the post, but we bet you just couldn’t get enough of it! However, if you want to see more of her OR her art, why don’t you go ahead and check her social media handles? You’d be surprised to see the amount of talent she has! Let us know what did you think of her art, down in the comments section below!

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