This Ceramic Flying Bat Succulent Holder Will Spook Up Your Halloween Decor

Fall is just around the corner so it’s time we start thinking about our Halloween decors. Though this year 2020 is not going as we planned, it doesn’t mean that we stop planning. After all, whatever happens, it happens for the best. Since it’s August and we are preparing ourselves to get into our Halloween spirits, the first thing we should do is to have a theme picked out. Then we can start collecting the decor items to give our happy homes a spooky look.

There are tons of creepy decor items available in stores for our Halloween and honestly, sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which ones to buy. From scary skeletons to artificially lit carved pumpkins, everything is so terrifying. Just like we want it to be for Halloween. But what if we find something that is perfect for our Halloween decor and can also be used afterwards? Most of our Halloween decor items have to be packed and kept in a safe place for next year. However, the ceramic flying bat plant holder is something you don’t have to pack away and can use throughout the year. This is the new must-have item on our Halloween decor list as it’s adorably scary. Scroll down to check it out.

Get it from TramaiCeramics on Etsy for $49.

Flying bats carrying our succulent plants away.

Most of us have succulent plants happily sitting on our desk, bookshelves and even on our coffee table. They look spectacular and have a very energetic yet highly productive vibe to it. Succulent plants are great to use as an indoor plant. They only need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and it doesn’t have to be placed directly into the sun. Although these plants are beautiful on their own, a nice vase or a plant pot adds a little more to their beauty.

Behind that adorable smile is an evil intention.

Get it from TramaiCeramics on Etsy for $49.

What is better than giving your place a spooky makeover with this adorable little ceramic flying bat carrying your succulent plant in the air. This ceramic flying bad is handcrafted in Italy using white clay, white glaze and dark gray glaze. They come with Alcantara string so you can hang this gorgeous piece of scary art anywhere you like. It is made by TramaiCeramics. They specialize in Italian ceramics and they are based in Udine, Italy. In their product description, they mention this fine piece of art as “sweet Bat shaped hanging vase” that is the “perfect pot to make your favorite plant fly”

“I may be smol, but I can scare anyone away.”

“My Flying Bat has long ears, two sharp teeth, two small legs and little wings to fly free and make happier your home.”

And here’s a mug shot of this little flying monster.

Once upon a time in a land far away there were three best friends with not so good intentions.

Get it from TramaiCeramics on Etsy for $49.

What are your thoughts on this ceramic flying bat? Let us know in the comments below. Share this with your friends and family for some Halloween decor inspiration.

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