30 Gothic Flowers That Would Look Really Aesthetic In Your Dream Goth Garden

We all like the color black. Some of us are even obsessed with it which resorts to us buying all things black. Now normally, when we think of flowers, we usually think of roses, lilies etc. Those of us with this obsession with the color black, would desperately look for the darker ones. Personally, I have even tried to find a black rose but I failed.

To satisfy your needs and obsessions, we have found some Gothic Flowers for you. Some of these may not actually be fully black but they appear to be in certain lights, which is enough to make us happy. Without further ado, we present to you these beauties.

We’ve even got a little surprise for you! Keep reading to find out.

1. Iris Chrysographes

Elegant and gorgeous!

2. Fritillaria persica

While they may not be fully black, these are still stunning AF

3. Aquilegia Black Barlow

Delicate beauties! Enough said.

4. Pulsatilla Rubra Subsp. Hispanica

Wow! That is a very long name for a very petite flower.

5. Voila Molly Sanderson

Holy Molly!

6. Petunia Black Velvet

Can I just keep staring at it?

7. Kennedia Nigricans

I mean it is a little weird looking but how is it still beautiful? I’m confused

8. Hellebore Black

That looks like an animation!

9. Tulip Continental

Can’t wait for it to bloom.

10. Alcea Nigra

Look at that shine. I want these in my goth garden

11. Tacca Chantrieri – Bat Plant

I’d be a little scared to touch it but I know I won’t stop staring at it!

12. Hyacinth Midnight Mystic

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This is the only black Hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystic’ ???? It’s the darkest flower of any Hyacinth, and incorporates different genetics to the usual Hyacinth, which give it that DEEP DEEP colour, but also switches up the fragrance to spicy, rather than migraine-inducing sweetness! From test tube to flowering size bulb takes 7 years, and it originally took 15 years to bring the variety to market in enough quantities. This is one of many plants I’ve worked on introducing to the UK over my 20 year career, and I’ll keep adding them under the hashtag #PlantGeekPicks ✌????When first launched, I got ‘Midnight Mystic’ onto the front page of most national newspapers and onto The Alan Titchmarsh Show! ???? #BlackFlowers #BlackBlooms #Hyacinth #HyacinthMidnightMystic #BlackHyacinth

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Those look like curls. Flowery curls

13. Lilly Landini

Well, they are not black but would definitely make your goth garden look mesmerizing.

Are these satisfying your inner gothic self yet? Imagine your garden filled with these beautiful flowers. What a wonderful sight, right? Well, it has already been done. And this is the surprise we were talking about.

You may have heard of Kat Von D. I mean how could you not have! A style icon? An animal rights activist? An AMAZING makeup artist (well more like a queen)! And a tattoo goddess, amongst other amazing things. She, just like us lovers of gothic flowers, also wanted a goth garden. The difference is she actually went ahead and got it done. We have been blessed with the sight so, it’s only fair that we let you all be a part of it, too.

Take a look at this beautiful black garden and more of those black beauties:

14. Black Dahlia

“As many of you might already know, flowers have been associated w meaning for ages. In the Victorian era, Black Dahlias represented a good wish for a couple + commitment.” Says Kat. “I never grow tired of these black beauties”

15. Panda-face Ginger

“Note the velvety texture of the petals,” states Kat. “This flower is not culinary ginger, but referred to as “ginger” for its scent when crushed.”

16. All-black Lilies

Kat grew these lilies from bulbs. Talk about dedication! “After seeing them bloom for the first time this week, they are quickly becoming one of my fave lilies.”

17. Black Cosmos

These beauties are native to Mexico bad sadly, they are extinct in the wild. The best part? They smell like chocolates according to Kat Von D.

18. Black Scabiosa

“also nicknamed Widow’s Pincushion, Mourning Bride, Mournful Widow and Ace of Spades.” Wow Kat! Some amazing gems you’ve got there.

19. Black Adder “Sooty” Flower.

“These black beauties are super easy to grow from seed.” Claims Von D. What a good new though. “They come from the Carnation family, but in miniature form. As you can see, mine is just now starting to blossom, but soon the entire cluster will be exploding with these little black blooms!”

20. Black Columbine AKA Chocolate soldier

Well, we now have another type of chocolate to love. Even though it is inedible. But, the sad part is that they die within just two years.

21. Black Heart Vine

Wow wow wow! This must make the garden look even more gorgeous than ever.

22. FloraMia Nero


These belong to the same family as the black heart vine. These plants also have light purple flowers as per Kat.

23. Hello Darkness

Its right in the name! “This sweet little girl has been teasing me every morning while I patiently wait for her glorious arrival here in my black plant garden! She’s a special type of Bearded Iris” Says Kat. “Appropriately named since her species of Iris far surpasses all other dark Iris in the sheer degree of her black color.”

24. Black Bachelor Button

Should’ve been named Black Baby Button.

“Like most black plants, these guys get blacker the more sun they get.”

25. Black Peony Poppy

“This little bud is about to bloom into a large, tissue-paper like, ruffled explosion!”

And that ruffled explosion is of the most beautiful shade of purple and black.

26. Black Poppy

“This fragile flower is made up of just a few tissue-thin petals, and bloom for only a few days. But worth every minute.”

27. Mommoth Black Sunflowers

SUNFLOWERS ARE NOT JUST YELLOW?! “Notice the deep black veins compared to regular yellow sunflowers who’s foliage is a solid green. Can’t wait till these black sunflowers bloom!” Well, neither can we Kat!


Kat regularly posts pictures of these flowers because according to her, and we certainly agree, “These black beauties never get old!”

Kat Von D captioned this picture as: #natureisrad.

They grow really fast and really tall!

28. Pennie Blacks

These are also nicknamed as Baby Black Eyes. How adorable!

“This bloom is the size of a pea!”

29. Black Clear Crystals Voila Pansy

“This type of pansy is known for its clear color [without any blotches or markings] — pretty much the blackest of pansies.” Surely enough to satisfy our black needs.

And these ladies love the rain!

Black Petunias

“These have to be one of my favourite black blooms. The Black Cat variation of this flower is by far the blackest I have ever seen and are softer than velvet.”

Widow’s Pincushion.

These are yet to blossom. “One of my personal faves from the garden. This one is about to bloom its needle-like petals any day now.”

Black Calla Lilies

“the black funeral flower”

Black Hyacinth

This one is literally called “Dark Dimension”

And it’s a real showstopper.

Black Tulips

Which are on their way this spring, says Kat.

And these aren’t even all. There are so many flowers in Kat Von D’s goth garden that are yet to bloom.

We hope you have enjoyed these satisfying pictures of gothic flowers. We still can’t get enough of it. Which one is your favorite and which one are you going to plant in your goth garden, if not all! Let us know in the comments section below.
Do you have any Gothic Flowers in your garden? Why not share with us? We certainly would love to see!

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