Tattoo Artist Creates Gothic Nature-Inspired Stippling Tattoos That Resemble Old Lithographs

Stippling and Dotwork Tattoos

Stippling and Dotwork art have been around for a while. People have been using it in paintings, drawings and even in engravings. As far as tattoos are concerned, at first, it seemed that only the military personnel, gang members, and cult leaders had dotwork tattoos. However, in recent times, this style has gained a lot of popularity (especially, since 2017) and now people are getting them all the time.

An illustrator-turned-tattoo artist from Melbourne Australia has recently made her name in the world of dotwork art. Her name is Annita Maslov and she makes some of the best gothic nature-inspired tattoos that are absolutely mind-blowing.

She started her career as an illustrator but began tattooing when she started receiving more commissions. I think it was probably her work as an illustrator that shaped her into an amazing tattoo artist. She currently works at Heretic Tattoo in Fitzroy, Australia, where people from all over come to get themselves inked.

The following is some of her mesmerising work. Check it out:

What makes dotwork amazing is probably its aesthetic appeal that is way different than that of the regular one. As the name suggests, Tattooists make use of this art by making small dots to create different images, patterns and even shades. When the dots are used to shade the pattern, it’s called Stippling. Though there isn’t any restriction on the choice of ink, most commonly black, grey, or dark blue ink is used in dotwork tattoos as they complement the art in its true form.

A number of celebrities today have played a major role in popularizing dotwork tattoos. Namely, David Beckham, Sophie Turner, and Dwayne Johnson are among some famous celebrities with dotwork tattoos.

A lot of people wonder if  it hurts when you get this kind of tattoo. Well, that depends on a number of factors. For instance, every individual has a different level of pain tolerance. While getting inked in general is quite painful, dotwork can feel a little worse as it requires more detail.

Now, how is it done? Most artists make dotwork tattoos using a simple tattoo machine. However, many tattooists prefer using hand poking techniques as it complements their work and also gives seemingly better results. So, it all just depends on the artist and the kind of design you want.


So, will you get yourself a tattoo like this? Let us know in the comment section below and also check out Maslov’s work on her Instagram page.

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