Creepy Halloween Lip Makeup Ideas To Rock This Halloween

  • By Saif
  • July 7, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

All the words related to makeup have the word “art” in them for instance, makeup artist & makeup art. Makeup is considered as a form of art, despite the fact that not many people consider it as an art. Many people believe that makeup is used to change one’s features & and change what you really are which is not true. these are the old school ideas that can now be demolished. Our face has a symmetry and certain lines that the makeup artists use to enhance the features and to also create art between the lines, using the shading, contouring & cut crease techniques.

One of such makeup artists that uses artistry techniques in her makeup is Eva Senín Pernas. She is a Spanish makeup artist. Eva uses her makeup brushes to create art on canvas, and her canvas is lips. Yes, you read it right, she paints elegant and creepy lips that are ideal for any costume party or Halloween. In this article, we have gathered for you a collection of Eva’s work. Her work is so beautiful and charming it will surely influence you.

1. Glance through lightning

This whole crazy thing started (believe me or not) while I was seeing the film Grease,” Pernas told in an interview. “I saw the final scene with that red and silver car and I decided to paint my lips with those silver flashes of lightning.”-Eva Pernas

2. Enchantress on a snowy night

I started creating lip art photos almost three years ago. I loved makeup since I was a teen when my mum gave me the book ‘Making Faces’ by Kevin Aucoin. I wanted to try all the makeups that appeared in the book.”-Eva Pernas

3. Terror of a Pumpkin

I started my makeups as a personal project but now I’ve become a makeup artist and I do my designs for clients, book covers, events, makeup advertising campaigns, etc.” -Eva Pernas

4. Captive to a Spider

I always start applying a layer of lip balm to protect my lips. Then I use tiny makeup brushes and wet pigments to apply the color, and I usually use gel eyeliner to draw the lines of my design.”-Eva Pernas

5. Dragon or Wolf?

Such Halloween ideas that you see here usually takes me around 10-30 minutes – it is all about the complexity of the design. My full face makeups are more difficult and they can take me around 30-45 minutes.”-Eva Pernas

6. Cookies Or Little Bugs Oozing Out Of A Mouth?

7. The Agonizing Feeling Of Having Little Spiders Crawl On Your Face

8. Seeds Of Kiwi Or Small Pests That Will Suck Your Blood?

9. A Scream So Loud That It Slashes Your Cheeks

10. Escaping The Darkness And Unknowingly Moving Towards A Darker Place

11. Cozy Halloween Eve

12. Gloomy Sky Before The Storm That Later Spreads Wickedness

13. Petrifying Shadowy Figure Peeking Through The Dark

14. The Bat Will Haunt You In The Darkest And Strangest Hour

I hope you found these lip art images as intriguing as we did. My favourite is number 9. Which one did you like the most and why? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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