”She Sold Happiness In Glass Jars” – A Scary Story That’ll Make You Sleep With Lights On

What if you could buy happiness? 

If you could then everyone would be spending all their life saving on it. Haven’t you ever thought about this simple question? If only happiness was so easy to achieve. There is a reason everyone says money can’t buy happiness but what if it could? That is the scenario this author works around in this story.

A twist on what would happen if you were able to do that. Would you be the happiest person alive? How would that even work? Well, this story has all the answers and more. However, I have to warn you, you might want to keep the lights on while you’re reading this.

So scroll on below and take a look at what would happen if happiness was sold in tiny little jars.

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And so the story starts.

Describing the life of a normal person.

His life doesn’t sound bad by any means. But who hasn’t been in this position and gotten bored of the routine? Everyone wants different things than what they currently have. It’s in human nature.

Life is never what you expect.

It sounded like a joke to him but what was the harm?

Maybe they would pull a funny prank on him and that would be it.

She was pretty clear as to what she was selling.

But it couldn’t be true right? However, he drove to the public place anyway.

And she was there. Maybe he had expected her not to show up.

The jar was mesmerizing. Like nothing, he had ever seen before.

Had she given him ‘happiness in a jar’? Was it really this easy?

The words were ominous but he paid no attention to that.

This is when things took a turn for the worst for him.

The normal day he was previously having had turned very weird.

He didn’t know what was happening but something was certainly off.

Was his memory becoming worse? Or had it always been this way?

It was like a terrible nightmare he couldn’t wake up from.

He didn’t know how this could be happening but he knew it was somehow her fault.

And the woman didn’t even deny it. The worst ‘you’ll pay’ now made much more sense. Is this how he was going to pay? Losing everything he had cared about in an instant?

The person he was started fade and the memories along with him.

Were they real or was he going crazy?

Nothing made sense to him. Who was he?

And that is when he got a text from that woman again.

The moment the jar was broken, he felt lighter. Like a fog had been lifted from his mind.

He had finally realized what happiness was.

Happiness was something he could just get. he had to learn to appreciate what he had to feel the taste of true happiness. We as humans tend to get lost in the darkness because we assume we can’t have the ideal life that we always pictured. Rather than appreciating what we have and driving happiness from our current life.

And this was a happy day for him that he would never forget.

Perhaps we all have a jar like this that we need to break.

I must have a jar like this without knowing. Everything is falling apart. Must find jar. Must break jar. Must. –wecantdothisnomore

Have you broken your jar yet? Or is it still in your pocket waiting to be thrown away? Comment down below and let us know.

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