35+ Hilariously Dark Comics With Darkest Endings For Your Twisted Mind

Are you twisted?

Don’t worry I am not here to turn you in if you’ve had some dark thoughts in your mind. After all, as long as we don’t act on those, we are perfectly good people. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want our ‘dark passenger’ sated as well. That is where these comics come in. These are for those who are tired of the usual funny comics and are looking for something with twists and turns. 

Now, if you are not a fan of movies with dark endings and much prefer films where everything turns out okay, then these comics might not be suitable for your tastes. The mastermind behind these humorous comics is Nicholas Gurewitch. He has garnered a huge following on most of his social media because of his unique style which, you can see for yourself by scrolling below. 

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#1 No need to despair.

#2 Probably should have left it alone.

#3 It is either imagination or hallucination.

#4 Tammy had to learn the truth one day.

#5 What an a**!

#6 They have to eat somehow.

#7 The third leg is quite happy at this beach.

#8 That equation can only be solved by him.

#9 Those are some powerful Unicorns.

#10 We are all sheep.

#11 Some divorces can destroy everything around them.

#12 He is one cool Grandpa.

#13 To be honest, I would have done the same thing.

#14 Some people ca never be happy.

#15 Who knew butterflies could be evil?

#16 Those puppy dog eyes can never fail.

#17 This relationship is quite toxic from the looks of it.

The main purpose behind these comics is to show idealism and realism in one illustration. So the start might be all unicorns and rainbows while the end is usually based on reality and the hard truths we all have to face. It is an interesting combination that not many people can tackle. But this artist wanted to do just that and he has certainly succeeded in bringing these comics to life.

#18 This peeping Tom will get caught one day.

#19 That is a sort of still life if you ask me.

#20 Humans are ruining the Earth.


#21 Jealousy never leads to anything good.

#22 You could say the heat was popping.

#23 Wolf meat sounds a bit tough for me.

#24 This is just sad.

#25 The old times sure were different.

#26 When a dream turns into reality.

#27 Walking away slowly might be a good option here.

#28 The domino effect.

#29 He will be what he wants to be.

#30 He should have known the frog was poisonous.

#31 That is one way to get your kid to school.

#32 I am sure kids would actually do this.

#33 The devil wasn’t expecting that.

#34 The power of females is stronger than fear.

#35 They should have specified what they meant.

#36 Has hell frozen over? Are the pigs flying?

#37 All the downsides of being a vampire.

Did you see any of those twists coming? Comment down below and let us know which is your favorite comic.


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