17 Spine Chilling Hometown Legends To Read About Tonight

Who doesn’t like a good story?

Especially at night costing up in a blanket with the lights turned off. If you’re reading this after midnight then I applaud you on your bravery. As we all know every hometown has a legend, a story that sometimes parents tell their kids, or people talk about it in hushed whispers.

While some of these may be exaggerated accounts of real scenarios, others are backed up by facts. And that is what makes these legends, even more, bone-chilling. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

#1 The Green Man (Beaver County, PA)

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Pennsylvania has had a story about a no-faced man that wanders around at night. While it may sound like a generic story to scare the kids from going out at night. The reality is different.

You see there was a man named Raymond ‘Ray’ Robinson who lived there from (1910-1985) and he had a horrific electrical accident when he was just a child and that burned off his face.

#2 The Slaughterhouse Fire (Statesboro, GA)

Statesboro Packing House was built in the 1920s but soon after it was burned to the ground. There were more than 20 people inside who died along with the building. Some people say that the owner set the fire himself but no proof has ever come to light.

But there have been many stories of people seeing ghosts of the undead roaming around.

#3 Tinker’s Hollow (Conneaut, OH)

According to the legend, Silas Tinker fell from his horse while he was crossing a bridge and feel underneath it dying upon impact. People say that he still roams the underbridge and you can see his green eyes glowing at night.

#4 Overtoun Bridge (Dumbarton, Scotland)

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I am sure most of you already know about this infamous bridge. Dogs have been known to leap from this bridge whenever they cross it. So nobody with a dog crosses this bridge in fear of their pets committing suicide.

People who cross it also mention feeling extremely depressed.

#5 Theorosa’s Bridge (Valley Center, KS)

There is a story about a woman who there her baby in the water below while standing on this bridge. But after that, she couldn’t deal with the guilt and committed suicide herself.

Many people claim that if you stand on this bridge and shout that you are Theorosa’s baby towards the water below. She will come up to grab you and drown you as she did with her child.

#6 The Loup-Garou (Louisiana)

Loup-Garou is a werewolf-like beast who is also religious and hunts down children and people alike who make trouble. And you can apparently turn into the same beast if you are ever attacked by it.

#7 The Texas School Bus (San Antonio, TX)

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In 1930 a school bus was struck by a train when it got stuck on the track. It is now said that the track is haunted with the ghosts of the children and they will actually push your car uphill if you park it on the track.

#8 The Blue-Faced Crone (Leicestershire, England)

A witch that is infamous by the name of Black Annis. She is said to have a large drooling mouth and long claws that make it easy for her to snatch humans that she later devours. It is said that she lives by the cliffs and prefers children most of all.

#9 Devil’s Cave (Yonkers, NY)

I think the name says it all. There are no ghost stories about the abandoned pump house hidden in the park but it is said that this place was once the residence of a devil-worshipping cult. You can still see the horrifying graffiti lingering on the long dejected walls.

#10 Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield, OH)

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This place was supposed to be a reformatory at one time but it was sued by the ‘prisoner’ for inhumane practices. Now it has long been abandoned and The Shawshank Redemption even used as a set. Hopefully, the ghosts of the dead prisoners didn’t bother them too much.

#11 The Black Lady (Boverton, Wales)

The castle that has been abandoned since the 17th century holds a terrifying ghost. Known as the Black lady she still wanders the castle. She was supposedly once married to Earl of Gloucester who divorced her and she moved to this castle to spend the rest of her days in peace.

#12 Chatawa Monster (Chatawa, MS)

The Chatawa Monster is said to be a hybrid between a human and a monster. It is said that this monstrosity was released when a circus train derailed.

If you park your car on this track at midnight, you can still hear his howls and he will come to claim you as his next victim.

#13 The Devil’s Step (Munich, Germany)

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The story behind this is that in 1468 an architect wanted to build a church but didn’t have the funds. So he made a deal with the devil. The devil agreed however he had to make it a church of darkness so that no light could seep in.

When the devil came to see, he saw that he had hidden windows in the walls so he stomped his feet so hard that it left a permanent imprint.

#14 High School Blues (El Paso, TX)

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This school has quite a few ghost stories attached to it but the most popular one is that a girl either fell from the balcony or committed suicide. People say that they sometimes see a female figure fall from the balcony.

#15 Albino Road (North Andover, MA)

In the late 1600s, a family had two twins, both of them were albino. At the time of witch trials, people were quite superstitious and thought albino people were witches. So the family hid their children until one day neighbor saw the kids.

The twins were later drowned and it is said they still haunt the area looking for revenge.

#16 The Little People (Carbon County, MI)

The little people are said to be no more than 18 inches but have the strength to tear a horse’s heart directly through the ribs. People claim to this day that they exist and live within the mountains.

#17 Stull Cemetery (Stull, KS)

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Nobody likes cemeteries. But this one is even more terrifying. Many people claim that this cemetery houses the staircase to hell. There is also a story about how witches were hanged from the trees near the graves and that their souls still wander the place at night.

What do you think of these stories? Do you think they re all made up or is there any truth behind these? Comment down below and let us know.

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