15 Horrific Clay Sculptures Of Food That Might Make You Uncomfortable

Have you ever wanted to eat a human part?

I know that is a very weird question and most sane people would immediately say no and so would I. However, the following sculptures just look so delectable that I just want to have a taste. Before you call me a cannibal, I assure you they are all made of clay and formed into beautiful foods like cake, dumplings, and the like which we sadly cannot eat unless you want to get sick. 

The artist behind these works has created a new niche for herself that apparently many people are a fan of since she already has more than 210k followers. While she also creates many beautiful illustrations, her creepy yet fascinating sculptures are where her talents really shine. And you can see that for yourself by scrolling below. However, if you get nauseous really easily, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Source: Instagram

#1 Doesn’t that soup just look so nutritious and protein-rich?

#2 These dumplings hold a little surprise inside.

#3 Who doesn’t want to be like Daenerys Targareyn?

#4 These are the forbidden popsicles.

#5 I have never tried sushi but I think these might be a little tough to get down.

#6 When the world ends, these sorts of canned foods are the only things that are gonna be left.

#7 Okay, the smushed baby faces on these macarons are actually really adorable.

#8 Your tastebuds will explode with flavor after eating this.

I know what you are thinking, ‘How and where do I get these beautiful but creepy sculptures?’ Well, sadly we can only look as the artist behind these art pieces is not yet selling them. Hopefully, they change their mind and decide to grace the public with these sculptures but I won’t hold my breath. I mean it must take a lot of time to create each one so it is not really something that can be done for commissions.

#9 Those are definitely not pearls.

#10 I bet someone could still make a ring out of this if they really wanted to.

#11 Who doesn’t like brain tarts?

#12 The crispiness of a tart is the best part for me.

#13 That is some thick sushi rice if you ask me.

#14 This is honestly way too realistic for my liking.

#15 Who doesn’t want an ice-cream made of baby faces on a hot summer day?

#16 So much better that ferrero-rocher.

Am I the only one who wants to eat these? Or would you also buy it if it was made from actual food? Comment down below and let us know.

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