Famous Horror Icons Reimagined In The Imagery Of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

These will surely give you nightmares.

I think all of us know about the book called ‘Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark.’ And if not, most of us have at least seen the movie that came to the big screen a while ago. And while it may not have been everyone’s favorite movie, we can all admit what made it great was the terrific job they did with the monsters. The Pale Lady still gives me nightmares. And they did all of the monsters with mostly prosthetics and only some CGI which is what makes them even more terrifying. 

However, a part of the horror is because of the original illustrations in the book itself. The creators of the movie might have done a great job at adapting it to the big screen but a lot of props go to the artist. And that is probably why another artist wanted to reimagine some of the classic horror icons in the imagery of Scary stories to tell in the dark. 

And when I say these are worse than my nightmare demons, I am not joking around. You can see for yourself by scrolling below.  

Source: Instagram

#1 Not sure if Freddy Kreuger can cut up anyone with those spindly fingers but I am much more scared right now.

#2 The candy man is fine with bees flying all around him.

#3 Michael Myers is someone that is always besides us so don’t look behind.

If you like these artworks and want to wake up every day in your room looking at these pieces, then I have great news for you. The artist sells these and many more horror-themed artworks that will make your skin crawl on their website. These might also make great gifts for your friends who like these horror icons. Although I am not sure who would want to look at these nightmares every day. Different strokes for different people, I suppose. 

#4 Leather Face has never looked this terrifying even though he has a mask made of human skin.

#5 I don’t think a human is behind that mask.

The artist has amassed quite the following because of their unique take on many famous creatures. They have also created a lot of horrific original characters that will haunt your sleep.

#6 Jason Vorhees looks ready to go on his next ‘adventure’ spree.

What are your thoughts on this artwork? Do you think the artist captured the essence of the original horror icons? Comment down below to let us know which is your favorite. And don’t forget to share with your friends so they can’t have a restful night’s sleep either.

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