Find Out Which Horror Movie Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’ve clicked on this article, we’ve already guessed your interest. And we’re here to entertain you even more with something you love, with a little bit of a twist! As lovers of astrology, we kind of depend on it. From what our lucky number should be, to what we should be careful of in a week. Yeah, all of that and more can be extracted from the study of stars. But did you know how astrology actually works? It’s the study of the positions of the planet and of the zodiacal signs. It was actually invented by Babylonians! And then later spread to the eastern Mediterranean, becoming famous in egypt!

Whether you’re interested in astrology or not, we know you all like to have a little bit of fun! And who doesn’t love to curl up in a dark room with a mug of hot chocolate, snuggle under the covers, and watch a good old horror movie? Combine the two and let’s see if you can relate to your favorite horror movies on another level!

Below, we have a different horror movie character corresponding to your specific star sign, so scroll through and find yours!

1. Terrifying, but a child at heart

Just going to stay away from the Aries’ now.

2. A creature of the ocean

3. Oooh… witchy

It’s a little left of center for me…

4. A stickler for the rules?

At least they’re disciplined.

5. Interesting…

Now we know not to fall for them.

6. It’s not so pretty beneath the surface…

What scary kinks are we talking about here…

Whichever one you’ve gotten so far, just know that it could be worse! These horror movie characters have layers within their personality and if you haven’t seen them in action on the big screen, you must go and watch their movies tonight! We guarantee jump scares, shivers, and a whole lot of screaming.

7. Living large for sure

8. Not what they seem…

Umm, you forgot to mention; perfectionists.

9. The coolest of the lot

Dramatic to say the least

10. Wouldn’t wanna be ya

Was hoping for a better one for my own zodiac but oh well!

11. A true psychopath

12. Will creep up on you when you least expect it

Imma just put them in a forest and run. Enjoy nature!

So did you get your favorite horror movie character or the one that’s been giving you nightmares since you were a child? Let us know in the comments which one you got and what you think of it! Make sure to share this for a little bit of friendly fun!

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