26 Times Men Made Stupid Mistakes In Horror Movies Because They Were Horny

Horror movies often cleverly use sexiness. 

Most of the time, we see that the monster is actually a sexy lady which makes sense when it is a vampire or a succubus using her charms to lure in men. However, other times men will fall under the woman trap even if the whole scenario seems pretty suspicious. I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I say a naked lady running around in my house, my first thought wouldn’t be to bang her.

But that is not what happens in horror movies. It is as if all common sense goes out the window the minute a man sees a pair of boobs. Now, before men come for me, this Twitter user is just talking about movies and not reality. This has also become a cliche in many senses. And you can see how much it is used in horror movies by scrolling below. 

Source: Twitter

This scenario is definitely a normal day-to-day thing that happens.

Hot lady trumps terrifying escape room.

Who would have thought he would regret that?

#1 I mean girls aren’t much better in this regard if you look at the myriad of monster love stories.

#2 Sexy monster have a niche of their own.

#3 Would you ask questions if it was Megan Fox? I wouldn’t.

#4 She is wearing a see through white dress? Awesome.

#5 I don’t see anything wrong with this.

#6 To be fair, Jack was losing his mind anyway.

#7 Splice is truly disturbing in more ways than I can count.

Why he did what he did is beyond me. Mostly everyone in this movie was incredibly dumb even though they were supposed to be scientists. From bringing an experiment to their home to this guy banging a winged creature, Splice is one weird movie.

#8 Who wouldn’t want to be turned into a vampire?

#9 In fairness, they might need help.

#10 Just look at that face! How can she be a monster?

#11 They are impossible to resist.

#12 Her dance was quite hypnotizing.

#13 Becaue love makes us do crazy things.

Honestly, I don’t really feel bad for most of the men on this list. After all, they should have seen this coming even if the woman was incredibly hot. But in fairness, it seems a terrifying experience seems to put many people in the mood for some reason and these women tend to use that for their advantage. Whether the men in these movies deserved it or not is another debate altogether.

#14 Never thought I’d ever read that.

#15 We all make mistakes.

#16 That is what bars are for though.

#17 Unless you have a fear of needles.


#18 The best couple to ever exist.

#19 I wonder if he got what was coming to him.

#20 Not many people have a demonic STD to be fair.

#21 This is why men shouldn’t walk alone in the dark.

#22 Can you guess the ending?

#23 Throuples are the best!

#24 When something doesn’t work.

#25 He did deserve that.

#26 Do we care? Not really when she looks like that.

Do you have any more horror movies where men make dumb mistakes by falling for a monster lady? Let us know in the comments.

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