Artist Recreated Famous Horror Movie Posters Using Clay And They Are Horrific

Clay is a very decisive medium of art.

Many people love it while others are not such big fans of it, which is understandable;e. After all, not everyone is adept at handling it and creating beautiful things out of several types of clays that exist. However, this is where an artist who loves working with polymer clay comes in. They always had in mind how they wanted to reimagine some of our favorite movie posters but using clay rather than drawing it.

So they started work on just that. From the Pennywise clown to the terrifying Xenomorph, they have created many of our favorite monsters in great detail from clay. In their own words, it isn’t easy.

I’m a clay artist and illustrator and, as part of an ongoing personal project, I reimagine horror and dark genre movie posters with polymer clay and mixed media. Over the last year, I’ve been adding to the collection. You’ll see that as well as movie posters, I’ve even added in a couple of TV shows (Stranger Things and AHS: Freakshow) as they lend themselves very well to the series.

Each poster usually takes around two days to create, but depending on the amount of details and complexity of the models required, they have been known to take around a week to make. -Clay Disarray

You can take a look at some of their posters by scrolling below.

Source: Website

#1 Pennywise could probably turn himself into a clay monster if he wanted to.

#2 I’d rather not see him with an open mouth.

#3 They even got the makeup perfectly right.

#4 She even has the blood coming out of her nose.

#5 This one is just straight up horrific.

#6 Don’t they mean the bride of Frankensteins monster?

#7 Even zombies like to hear music from time to time.

Polymer clay can be used in various ways but that doesn’t mean it is especially easy to handle. One has to know the right temperature to bake it at or the clay can break very easily after you are done thus ruining your art piece. However, even museums allow sculptures made from polymer clay nowadays as it is quite bendable and you can create a lot of detail from it improving the look of your art.

#8 Just look at those well-done nails!

#9 He should have left when he had the chance.

#10 A girl walking home alone at night? Sounds terrifying.

#11 If this movie was made using clay motion.

#12 The night when everyone comes alive.

#13 No one ever saw it coming.

#14 Is everyone the same?

What are your thoughts on these posters? Do you like them better than the original movie posters? Comment down below and let us know.

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