14 Horror Themed Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Want To Get One Right Away

Tattoos are great.

While they may not be for everyone, people who have one tattoo always want to get one more until their body is a whole canvas. I know that is what happened to me. You can never stop wanting more tattoos especially since the Internet is filled with creative and unique designs. But what if you don’t like those simple and flowery designs? What if you are a horror movie fan and you want to wear that love on your sleeve?

Well, we have just the right thing for you. We never recommend getting a tattoo before thinking about it for at least a few months because it is permanent and you may come to regret it later on. However, if you have made up your mind and want some ideas, scroll below to take a look for yourself. You can, after all, always put your unique twist on these. 

#1 Who doesn’t want to float away like Mary Poppins?

#2 This is a very popular tattoo idea as you’ll come to see below.

#3 Preferred weapons of iconic horror movie villains.

#4 This is for those who don’t like the simplistic design and want something bloody.

#5 The best way to showcase your Halloween spirit is with this pumpkin-themed tattoo.

#6 Don’t want a bird’s tattoo like Katniss Everdeen? What about bats?

#7 Honestly, who wouldn’t want a Jack tattoo on their body?

While these might be tempting, tattoos aren’t for everyone. If you are a person who gets bored easily or can’t decide on anything, getting a tattoo should never be a heat of the moment decision. You will be putting a permanent design on your body so it is always good to make sure that is what you want before you commit. And always go to a reputable tattoo artist even if they are expensive because you don’t want a botched tattoo.

#8 Bringing the sheet ghost back with this beautiful tattoo design.

#9 But if you want something bigger or a statement piece, this might be perfect for you.

#10 If the black and white look is not for you, a pop of color might suit you better.

#11 Michael Myers and The Scream character together? Sign me up!

#12 Another colorful tattoo for those of us who are bored with black and white tattoos.

#13 Did you say you want a demented rabbit skeleton head? Weird, but okay.

#14 Some people want their knife tattoo to have a little pizazz.

Did these make you want to get another tattoo? Or have you already decided on the next tattoo for yourself? If so, why not let us know in the comments below? And don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can have some tattoo ideas as well.

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