This Tim Burton Inspired Horror Themed Wedding Dress Will Make Scream “GOALS”

Who wouldn’t want to wear this wedding dress?

I know many people prefer the traditional white wedding dress on their special day. However, more and more people have been straying away from the classics in recent years and want to wear something unique on their wedding day. This is where black wedding dresses and other colored dresses come into play. They might look a bit weird at first glance but as long as the bride feels beautiful, who cares what others think?

However, the following dress is more of a cosplay rather than the actual dress you would wear at your wedding. This dress is inspired by Tim Burton’s style and the corpse bride. And we are able to see that with the smoke like a skirt and the ribs showed on the dress. You will be amazed when you take a look at this dress. So scroll below to see for yourself.

Source: Instagram

You can see a part of the dress is ripped up to show the ribs.

This would make an excellent wedding dress for a lucky bride.

I think this is my biggest project so far. 6 years ago I cosplayed Emily for the first time, and after half a year of working, sewing, crafting the remake is finally done! I’m so incredibly excited and happy that it’s over. I hope you like the result as much as I do. Everything is hand-made and it took me over 6 months of tears, blood, and sweat to finish this.

This is my biggest project so far and I can tell you it was one hell of a journey to get this far. This outfit consists of the skirt, corset, gloves, veil, flower bouquet, high heels, bodysuit and bones for her arm and leg. -Celia

It might look like there is smoke billowing from under the dress but it’s just the way it is cut.

These sorts of dresses can take a lot more time than any other Halloween costume. I know some people take cosplay quite seriously but this is taking it to the next level. Every part of the dress is incredibly detailed and anyone lucky enough to wear it will feel like a spooky princess. The woman behind the dress is already readying for her photoshoot in the dress and we can’t wait.

And the dress also features a long beautiful train.

This clearly must have taken a long time to get right by the looks of it.

And it was definitely worth every minute put into it.

What do you think of this dress? Would you ever wear something similar to your wedding? Or is it more of a cosplay dress for you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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