31 Illustrations Of Iconic Horror Movie Villains Recreated As Babies

What if Jason Vorhees was a baby?

I mean he was a child once. But I am saying is what if he was a baby who went around k*lling everyone with his big knife. I don’t know about you but that sounds even more terrifying than what we got. Just imagine, a baby, crawling around on all fours, slashing everyone. Nobody would ever think of a little baby as a threat and people would feel a lot of emotions when they had to put down Jason. 

As we have already seen time and time again, children make everything creepier. And that might be because kids in real life are not any less creepy either, with their weirdly horrific drawings and telling their parents when their end will come. So it is no surprise that movie creators use a kid’s innocent facade to get their audience to fear the demon inside. 

And you can see this artist doing just that by recreating iconic horror movie villains as babies. 

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#1 Little Freddy just wants a nap.

#2 That knife might be a little big for Jason.

#3 Frankenstein probably wanted to create a baby.

#4 I don’t think those scissors are child friendly.

#5 Samara just wants to play with you.

#6 This little mummy met a grisly end in his life.

#7 Hannibal is hungry for some guts.

Growing up I loved such horror movies as Nightmare on Elm Street, so drawing baby Freddy was awesome and from the heart. Him sleeping like a baby worked perfectly for this famous character. I have a six-month-old baby right now, and it was October, so I wanted to create something that was inspired by him every day! I wanted to give the famous movie anti-heroes a horrific look but still a very innocent feel to them.

I think it makes them cute, and you almost want to be murdered by them! -Alex

#8 He needs more marshmallows.

#9 The hair is still popping even in und*ath.

#10 He has to graduate from drinking the blood of mice to humans.

#11 Jack learning to be the Pumpkin King.

#12 The Pumkpin is just adorable.

#13 Pale baby hasn’t learned how to use his eyes yet.

#14 When you have wrinkles as a baby.

#15 Chucky was always a baby.

#16 Slimer is tired of everything getting stuck in him.

The artist Alex Solis has done a great job bringing these iconic characters to life. And it is even more impressive seeing that he didn’t use any color. Not many people would be able to create what he has and it is always good to see a new spin on these age-old characters. He did this for an Inktober event and created one art piece every day for the whole month.

#17 Grim Reaper still hasn’t learned how to use his scythe.

#18 He has already popped out of someones stomach.

#19 Pennywise wants other children to play with him.

#20 Little Michael needs more blood with his peanut butter.


#21 Baby swamp creature is not happy with this milk.

#22 Any baby would be angry if their face was made of leather.

#23 When you get betrothed as a baby.

#24 Cyclops baby still hasn’t formed fully.

#25 Pinhead will realize his destiny one day.

#26 It wasn’t even the full moon.

#27 White Walker baby wants a dragon.

#28 Baby Beetlejuice is ready.

#29 When you get possessed as a baby.

#30 Joker was playing dress-up as a baby.

#31 Baby Meta Luna needs better puzzles.

What are your thoughts on these horrific babies? Would you ever want to see them in a movie as the main villain? Let us know in the comments down below.

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