16 Times Kids Halloween Costumes Were Just Too Terrifying

Halloween is quite fun for kids.

They get to go around their neighborhood and collect candies, which is undoubtedly weird since we are constantly told never to accept sweets from a stranger. But on this day, all of that caution goes out the window as parents dress their kids in adorable costumes and send them on their way. Unfortunately, I never got to experience trick and treat, but it is enjoyable from what I hear.
That is especially true if you are dressed to the nines. And the parents of these children took it a step further and put their kids in custom-made costumes. Most people buy costumes in a bag that don’t correctly fit and call it a day. But not these parents as they wanted to make their kid look scary. And I must say, they look incredible even if the kid themself might get scared looking in the mirror.

Scroll below to take a look.

Source: Facebook

#1 This is one sad clown.

#2 Only safe kitchenware for this scissorhand.

#3 The best way to use red hair.

#4 These two look incredibly happy.

#5 Don’t worry, I am pretty sure, the lens are just an edit.

#6 Such a dapper young boy.

Most people don’t put so much effort into kids’ costumes because kids grow up too fast. As adults, we know we can re-use clothes, but we all know a custom-made costume will only waste the following year. However, some parents are not worried about that and want their kids to emulate whatever character they choose perfectly. Different strokes for different people, I suppose.

#7 This wolf turned before the full moon.

#8 ‘You are next.’

Jason Vorhess has never looked scarier.

#9 ‘Won’t you play a game?’

If I saw this kid coming towards me, I would run away as fast as possible.

#10 This could also be a good dress for a gathering.

#11 He is nailing the expression.

We all know kids make great horror villains, and It is probably because it is scary to see a small stature chasing you down with a knife. I suppose that is why dolls are so terrifying.

#12 Still better than the new mummy movie.

#13 Michael Jackson would be proud.

#14 The agent of chaos is here.

To be honest, the joker has been quite overdone. If you go to a party, you will mostly see different iterations of Harley Quinn and Joker. However, this kid carries the costume quite well, if I say so myself.

#15 That suit is adorable.

#16 E.T is thinking about something important.

Would you ever put your kids in these costumes? If so which one did you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

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