Hilarious Snapchats Proving Life With Dogs Is Never Boring

Dogs are perfect.

There is nothing I would change in any breed of dog. They are loving, loyal and it doesn’t hurt that they look so adorable as well. There is a reason people love to post about their pets on the Internet. It is because there is never a dull moment when you have a dog around. Whether it be because of their shenanigans or the eyes they stare at you with when they want more treats.

So basically we compiled some of the cutest snap chats of dogs we could find in one place. This is just so it is easy for everyone to get their daily dose of adorable dogs. So if you are looking for some entertainment and your cat isn’t letting you pet her, you have come to the right place. Relax and enjoy these majestic doggos making their own by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 I think the little guy is winning here.

Sometimes size doesn’t matter, the ferocity of your argument does.

#2 Has he forgotten how to dog all of a sudden?

#3 ‘I can keep them, right?’

#4 There is no rest available for mothers.

#5 That is one thirsty doggo.

#6 And he looks quite unbothered after sleeping in the rain.

#7 How could anyone not give him food?

#8 He wanted to be at top of the world.

#9 Ther is always someone bigger smarter and overall better.

#10 I just want to hug her and make all of her worries go away.

I have no idea how dogs can make such an innocent-looking face. Even after they make a huge mess, they will be sitting there looking like they were the perfect angel. Perhaps they know how to manipulate us. After all, it is impossible to stay mad at a dog when they are giving you ‘the’ look. Don’t worry there is more where these Snapchat came from. You didn’t think we would leave you hanging right?

#12 Who cares about double chins when you look this adorable?

#12 Even dogs need to wear helmets when traveling.

#13 I think I might be suffering from cuteness overload.

#14 That is the highest honor I can ever think of.

#15 Maybe she was feeling a bit shy?

#16 Someone else’s dog, loving you? Gold medal achieved.

#17 How else is he supposed to comfort himself?

#18 She is very excited by the new addition to the family.

#19 I am so happy for this guy.

#20 Maybe she is born with it, or maybe it is Maybelline.


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