Famous Love Songs Reimagined As Creepy Book Covers By Stephen King

What if famous songs were a bit darker?

Now, I am not saying some of these songs don’t tackle horrid emotions but usually, the cover art isn’t creepy or unnerving. Well, one Brazilian artist is here to change just that. I have no idea how he came up with this idea. But he thought reimagining cover art of famous long songs as though they were the cover for a steven king novel would be the way to go.

And let me just say I didn’t know I needed his but I sure am glad he did this. Other than being amazingly creative, it also stays somewhat true to the song lyrics. Although it does take the lyrics a bit too literally. Scroll on below and take a look for yourself by marveling at Butcher Billy’s handiwork.

#1 Every breath you take.

This is what the artist had to say about the project.

This series imagines an alternate universe where some of the most desperate and tragic romantic songs in the ’70s and’ 80s are actually books written by Stephen King.

The concept is to look at the dark side of love by the vision of pop culture, bringing aspects of its classic stories to play the true meaning of the songs – this can be completely subverted or stressed strangeness, while paying tribute to the vintage design of the original covers.

#2 She’s a man-eater.

Needs a Chianti bottle. -Amaranthim Talon

#3 I will survive.

This is an anti-love song … about how she’ll survive without him. -Mr. Bojangles

#4 How deep is your love?

Edgar Allen Poe has nothing on this! -Markus McCloud

#5 Every time you go away.

Louis Vuitton purse eh? Brings new meaning to “it’ll cost an arm and a leg” -Mr. Bojangles

#6 Love will tear us apart.

Still more cheerful than the actual song. -Tiggy Darling

#7 There is a light that never goes out.

#8 Lady in red.

“There’s nobody here… … Just you and me.” -William Jacobs

#9 Hello, Is it me you’re looking for?

#10 Wish you were here.

Wow, not a lot of people know Wish you where here by pink floyd. Props to you my friend. -Enomfon Asuquo

#11 Total eclipse of the heart.

It was used as a theme song in a play called Dance of the Vampires with the one and only Michael Crawford they totally could’ve done that. -Taryn Wallace

#12 Head over heels.

#13 Hooked on a feeling.

I can’t hear this song without picturing the music video David Hasselhoff did… if u haven’t watched it ur missing out!!! -Taryn Wallace

#14 You know I am no good.

#15 Eyes without a face.

Day-um. This is CREEPY. -Luna Kittenwarrior

#16 Wake me up before you go.

#17 Love hurts.

Joan Jett does he best version of this Everly Brothers song. I hate the Nazareth version! -Melinda Boyd

#18 Bad Romance.

“I want your horror, I want your design.” -Luck Yeah

#19 Careless Whisper.

#20 Strange Love.


Reminds me of the stranger things poster. -Prideep Vincent

#21 The Killing Moon.

#22 You’re so vain.

Shouldn’t that be Mick Jagger’s disembodied lips? -Luck Yeah

#23 You’ve lost that loving feeling.

Seriously, I can see this as being a novella. Say it starts out with happy couples in a small town and goes Beauty and the Beast in reverse. I want royalties if this happens! -Jilltdcatlady

#24 Pet Sematary.

This is already a Stephen King book. The Ramones song was part of the movie soundtrack. -Thundercuss

#25 Heaven is a place on Earth.

The really big green men. -Luck Yeah

#26 Why’d you only call me when you’re high?

#27 Heaven knows I’m miserable now.

#28 Bizarre love triangle.

New Order! Rock on!!! -Melinda Boyd

What do you think of these ‘album covers’? Do you think they suit the actual songs well or are they too different? Comment down below and let us know which cover art did you like the best.

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