20 Of The Most Metalhead Animals On The Planet

  • By Asad
  • May 27, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Metal fans used to get a bad rep because there’s a certain aesthetic that goes along with being a metalhead. The black clothes, the leather, the chains, the heavy eyeshadow, the eyeliner, all that good stuff. There’s so much black in metalhead clothes too, and they’ve inspired other cliques too, such as gothic, emo, e-boy/e-girl cultures. Not to mention the direct punk aesthetic.

With that said, it’s not just humans who are into heavy metal either. Look at these wonderful animals that range from sheep, to bunnies to geckos. Check them out yourself!

This list was compiled by Sad and Useless!

#1 Harbingers of bad omen

#2 Rooster

#3 Eyeliner bunny

I’m such a fan of this picture because this bunny looks absolutely adorable. The colour pigmentation makes her look like she’s got the sharpest winged eyeliner, which is a staple in the community. I hope she knows just how cool she is.

#4 Parrot

#5 Moth

#6 Bloody lizard.

#7 Eyeshadow husky

#8 The whole gang

#9 Ebony horse.

Horses are among the most elegant and graceful creatures on Earth. They have boundless stamina, incredible strenght, and this one literally glistens in the sunlight. What more could you want out of a horse than that? I would have named him Ebony Starlight because I am that corny.

#10 Ominous ram.

#11 Tendril Fish

#12 A pair of geckos.

#13 Snapping turtle

#14 The insect is gorgeous.

I love the insect here. The tendrils come out of it, the spikes, the shape and the colour. It looks so pretty and I’m not even an insect kind of guy, he just has a cool shape and gorgeous coloring. You can’t not love him.

#15 Volcanic turtle.

#16 Evil cat.

#17 Horned toad.

#18 Cat teefs.

#19 Running eyeshadow.

#20 Staring into your soul.


Did you like any of these animals? Do you have a semi goth, semi metal animal yourself? Tell us about i!

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