Artist Creates Nightmare-Inducing Illustrations & They’re Are Not For The Faint Hearted

Do you ever wonder what is hiding under your bed, or why exactly the floor creaks late, in the night, why you sometimes feel a presence near you or see a shadow when no one is around? What about when you turn off your lights at night and it’s really dark and you just feel like you’re being watched… And even after you think of these things, you still don’t get scared.

Well, if you’re amongst the people who seek thrill and excitement in your life, this is the right place for you. We have got some nightmare inducing digital art by Austrian artist – Stefan Koidl. He has mastered the art of making illustrations that are beyond terrifying. He makes your nightmares comes true… in the form of pictures.

So, if you really enjoy being scared, you will love these pictures. But! Before you proceed, we feel the need to warn as these illustrations might make you lose sleep for a couple of days.





“DONT TOUCH THE CAT OR YOURE DEAD. oh wait. youre already dead.” – KittyComics


During an interview, Stefan mentioned how much he loved to draw and paint ever since he was a child but he his attention was diverted to other things, yet he still managed to find his way back to his passion. “Unfortunately, over the time, I lost track and focused more on video games. There was a point 3-4 years ago when I told myself ‘why not try painting again?’ It was always my dream to paint as good as the artists on, e.g. ‘Magic the Gathering.’ So I began learning digital art and painted on a daily base. I am currently focusing on digital art and still love to create new dark drawings every day”




“She never did like that wallpaper.” – Why?



Stefan creates many types of art however, he is mostly known for his terrifying and scary work. His digital art includes scenes inspired by scary movies, fears, even internet folklore such as Creepypasta Stories.



“Post apocalyptic reality!” – Avery S Alberico


“What a considerate ghost, instead of blocking road she just float” – Indra Servo


“That’s creepy because the kids are running towards it. But my first thought was ‘Wither’, because of the three heads on body” – • UniqxePeople •


Most of his scary drawings are just random creative ideas. “Of course, I’m also searching for a lot of reference material online to give me inspiration,” says the artist  “I also get inspired by movies and video games, like most of the artists out there.”







Stefan does not just draws for a living but actually keeps himself busy in two jobs.  “My first job is carving Krampus masks out of wood (a really big tradition here in Austria), my second job is painting these scary characters. I wouldn’t call myself a full-time freelance illustrator. It’s a job and a hobby both at the same time.”


“Attractively enigmatic” – Cliff Anderson



“When it came to eating, he never missed a beat.” – Why?


“The worst part about camping? The Dementors!” – Magpie Magoo


“I don’t want to tell the viewer what he should think or associate with my creepy drawings,” claims Stefan. “I just paint for fun, if people refer to a certain dream they had it’s cool, but no, I didn’t dream the exact same thing.”


“I’ll wait for the next bus, thanks” – StormsTempest





Creepy and terrifying on another level, Yikes! So, are these enough to give you nightmares or can you handle more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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