Talented Makeup Artist Creates Nightmare Inducing Makeup Illusions

Makeup is an art form.

I am well aware that people like to talk about makeup like it is only used to hide your face. And many even joke about how a person will look completely different without makeup. While that may be true for some, it is also a great way to show your creativity to the world. You can use makeup in whatever way you like, it simply depends on the user, not the makeup itself.

And this makeup artist likes to use it to create hauntingly beautiful imagery without the use of prosthetics. Yes, there may be a little photoshop involved to darken out the areas which she doesn’t want us to see. But other than that, everything else is all her work. And I can’t even imagine how long it must take her to create one of these looks. You can see the hard work for yourself by scrolling below. 

Source: Instagram

#1 When you are in love with yourself.

#2 Sometimes nature can end your life.

I need to express creativity in different forms of art such as photography, fashion design, and drawing.What I find most interesting about face paint is that it’s original form (on face and body) it only lasts until you wash it off, so it is kinda “fragile” art form. Also it is very challenging to paint on bumpy canvas such as human face. I can also say I’m a big fan of conceptual and surreal art form, so in the future, my work will probably be more focused in that direction. -Ines Kus

#3 Cotton candy and everything nice.

#4 Cut me up like a piece of steak.

#5 I have never seen such a realistic comic book joker.

#6 The Ice princess is here.

And she is hungry for some souls.

#7 Merry Christmas to all of you!

#8 Putting all the pieces together.

#9 When you want that hourglass figure.

#10 Floating away in a serene state.

She is a great artist and deserves a lot more attention. She had quite a few followers on Instagram but all of her posts and followers vanished when she deactivated her account for some time. When she came back, her posts had somehow been deleted and her Instagram was empty. This is why if you like her style, you should definitely go and show her some love on her Instagram.

#11 Another idol with an unachievable look.

#12 Tangled up in all the lights.

#13 This might be controversial for some.

#14 The rainbow is coming through the skin.

#15 A surprised monster.

#16 Not being able to breathe.

#17 Revealing your true self hidden underneath.

#18 When choker necklaces are the next big thing.

#19 When sun and the moon come together, beauty is born.


What do you think of these illusions? Which one is your favorite? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share these makeup illusions with others so they can see the amazing art as well.

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