50 One Picture Horror Stories That Will Keep You Up At Night

A horror story that needs no words.

When you think of a horror story, you usually think of words. Since that is how stories are written. However today we have incredible artists who wanted to share creepy stories through the medium of art. You don’t need to imagine anything when it comes to these stories since he has done all the work for you.

And he definitely deserves an award for how detailed and unique all his creatures are. While I am marveling at his art style, I have to admit, some of these gave me a shiver. I would personally not recommend reading or watching these alone at night in a darkened room.

They have everything that we fear, the things that roam in our nightmares, and the footsteps you hear behind you. This project is called ‘Behind You’ and I can see why.

Just before I started the series I’d been reading through some Creepy Pastas, the internet’s version of spooky folktales, and also lots of horror stories of ‘real life’ supernatural encounters on sites like Reddit. -Coldrick

Scroll on below and take a look.

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#1 Run as fast as you can.

I work in an open space office like this and it definitely feels like there’s something strange about, if you happen to be the last person left in the evening. -Random Panda

#2 The cat knows it.

#3 This is why midnight snacking is bad.

Put all the lights on as you go! -Laugh Fan

#4 Yup, he’s all alone.

I had wanted to do a continuing webcomic for a while, but I was worried I’d lose interest after starting a story I thought if each installment was a snippet of different scary stories I could start each time afresh. It also had the great side effect of leaving much of the story to be decided by the reader.

It’s probably the main reason people enjoy these scary drawings. -Coldrick

#5 Who needs a lit alleyway anyway?

#6 Happy Birthday indeed.

I think this one is quite sad, rather then scary.. To think of someone celebrating their birthday alone, with only the dead acknowledging his birthday sounds tragic. -Hope Floats

#7 Only reaching out.

#8 Never look under the bed.

Sleep paralysis, anyone?? -Brandon Brown

#9 Should have left the candle.

#10 All the memories are in the walls.

I almost always start with the image first but once or twice a phrase has popped into my head, and I’ve worked back from there. Rather than a coherent story, the first step is usually one element.

In the early days of the series it might have been a desire to draw a particular kind of creepy monster, but later on, it’s been the setting. A kitchen at night illuminated by a fridge light, or an escalator on the Underground. Sometimes it can be something darker like the loneliness, doubts or anxieties that emerge once no one else is around. -Coldrick

#11 The critics are here.

#12 When the shadows start moving.

This shows just like things are in my place! There’s a spider in the corner of my living room. We have an agreement: as long as she stays there and keeps on catching mosquitos everything’s fine and the corner stays sanctuary. -Richard

#13 Swiping left.

#14 The stairs to nowhere.

Always hated opened stairs like that.. Now I know why. -LOttawa

#15 The greatest sin of all.

#16 ‘You’ll never be alone.’

“I am with you” followed by “Relax, I’ve got your back.” -Last Hurrah

#17 The creature of the snow.

#18 She had many secrets.

The smiling face in the box is pretty cute, but I actually find this one to be the scariest so far, for some reason. -Just Curious

#19 Just a push.

#20 The bridge to hell.


They shoulda kept it locked. Then again, maybe they just don’t like tourists. -BusLady

#21 That is fair game.

#22 Putting your heart together.

When she’s done putting him together he’ll just be a normal dude. -Just Curious

#23 The dark clouds.

#24 Maze of bridges.

Don’t you dare look down on me! -Last Hurrah

#25 Never open the nursery.

#26 Hospitals at night.

Got to go into hospital soon – any dark, quiet areas will remain completely unexplored by me! -Laugh Fan

#27 The stranger behind you.

#28 The footprints vanished.

I love the design of the creature! The ribcages, chains and the crown are so cool. -Lenny

#29 The Daredevil.

#30 The all true story.

That’s what you get by going to Grandma Muriel’s without the dog…. -Shea Fujishima

#31 Going trick or treat.

#32 Horseman of the apocalypse.

Don’t look behind you! Just keep running. Don’t be like those dumb broads in the horror flicks who trip on their high heels and just lay on the ground screaming, despite everyone in the movie theater screaming “Get up and Run!” -BusLady

#33 Into the alley.

#34 Following close behind.

This one is quite… disarming. -Just Curious

#35 Mirror reflects all.

#36 The key to the underground.

Hehe, you want the key? Come and get it. -BusLady

#37 Don’t knock.

#38 The protector from evil.

I think it’s a common misconception that cats aren’t protective of their owners. Both my cats are protective of me, particularly my girl Slippers.

A friend once grabbed by arm and pulled on me in jest and she scaled his leg like a tree and nipped his ear. -Chicago Kitty

#39 Nothing but misery left.

#40 Monstrosity.

I imagine it sounds like a combination of dogs and vacuum cleaner. -Night Owl

#41 Flowing in the wind.

#42 The monster of the water.

I wonder how many people have died on that lake. -Star Cooperman

#43 An empty vessel.

#44 The ghosts of the past.

Remembering all his victims. This one is truly scary. -BusLady

#45 And the one who keeps them here.

#46 The accidental witch.

That’s what happens when you buy stuff from Wish. -Gabriel

#47 Pulling the strings.

#48 The images can see all.

Did y’all see the portraits eyes moving? -Sarah Miller

#49 Fear of the dentist.

#50 Dressed up for Halloween.

There are 4 genders in this world: a girl, a boy, a human child, and of course, a birl. -kURiOUSE

What do you think of these one-picture stories? Which one of these was your favorite? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can join in the nightmares as well.

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