Orphan’s Prequel Is In Production And Will Tell Origin Story Of ‘Esther’

The film Orphan’s prequel is finally in the making!

When we talk about films full of dark twists, we just cannot ignore the all-time-classic ‘Orphan (2009)’. It is one of the most underrated films, but anyone who enjoys true thriller knows just how good of a psychological thriller this is!

The whole film revolves around the antagonist Esthera seemingly young girl with the personality of a much older woman. Esther was adopted by a loving couple who had recently lost their child.

The film picks up the pace when her mother starts to notice her unsual behaviour. Esther would act sweet with her father and strange with everybody else. As the suspicion grew, the mother began to investigate.

Soon, she found out that her seemingly 9-year old adopted girl was, in fact, a 33-year old woman who suffered from a rare condition that made her look younger.

So, now after more than a decade to the original film, the producers have finally decided to make a prequel of Orphan showcasing the history of Esther.

According to Deadline, the producers are collaborating with William Brent Bell (The Boy, Brahms: The Boy II, Devil Inside) for the production of the much awaited film.

The prequel will show her escaping from a russian facility and travelling back to America where she would pretend to be the missing daughter of a wealthy family.

While the full details of the prequel are still a bit vague, the fans, however, can’t seem to contain their excitment over this new development. As some of them are coming up with their own theories of the upcoming movie, the others are busy picturing the now 23-year old Isabelle Fuhrman—actress who played Esther.

Here’s how she looks now!

Though Isabelle’s return as Esther is highly unlikely, people are still talking about it. Now, with the collaboration of other producers for this prequel, the expectations are high.

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