Mexico Gets A Scare When A Pacific Monster With No Eyes Washes Up On The Beach

If only our nightmares hadn’t just come true.

We all have nightmares from time to time and that is indeed very understandable. However, that’s what they are, Nightmares and we never think our twisted imagination could ever be turned into reality.

Well, The terrifying thing is that the world of nightmares and the Earth have collided many times producing what we can only call monsters. And no these aren’t some photoshopped creatures meant to cause chaos in the public. These are real sightings and real pictures.

While you might not get to see the loch-ness, monster today, the following sea monsters are nothing to scoff at either. However, the latest monster was spotted on a Mexican beach and let’s just say, we wish it wasn’t. It’s safe to say that it looks like a mix between a dolphin and an eel. Oh, and did I mention it has no eyes or fins? So scroll on below and take a look.

This definitely doesn’t look normal.

I honestly can’t even look at it anymore.

Have you seen the teeth on this thing?

Via Central European News

I’m just relieved that it’s not alive.

This is what a dolphin is supposed to look like.

However, many people have said that rather than it being a monster, it could be just a moray eel whose head is swelled up because it died.

This is what a moray eel looks like.

Now, Moray eels can come in many colors so maybe this one had a grayish color but I am not sure so you be the judge.

This is not the first sighting of a weird creature either.

Via Jam Press

I have no idea what to even call this.

This might be some kind of jellyfish from an alternate universe?

Via Pen News

I know that answer might seem absurd but there hasn’t been any research done on these new creatures so humanity does not yet know the truth behind these so-called monsters.

Last but not least, this ‘magnificent fish’.

Via Jam Press

Did any of these sea creatures send a shiver down your spine? Comment down below and let us know.

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