Forensic Expert Carved A Face On Skull Head Vodka Bottle & It Looks Eerie

Are you ready to get drunk?

because that is the only way you’re going to get through this without scarring yourself for life. Okay, perhaps I am dramatizing a bit but this is legit creepy. I am sure we have all heard of crystal head vodka and some of us have even tried it. And it is not because the vodka is exquisite because it always tastes like piss no matter how expensive. 

However, we can all admit the crystal head vodka has a very beautiful bottle. Sure it may not be as unique anymore but it does look really cool after the bottle is empty and you are done puking your guts out. Well, one artist wanted to use this bottle for something else. They wanted to recreate the human face that would have sat on that skull.

You can see how that all went by scrolling below.

It honestly looks so creepy with just the eyes set in the concave bottle.

Now the bottle has turned into pinhead and it will only get worse.

However, it has started to turn into something at least.

They even started carving the face adding more and more.

The person creating this is actually a forensic artist. You know the people who come in when the law needs a representation of what the criminal looks like? That is why Forensic artists are great at drawing or sculpting humans just by hearing someone’s description and this particular artist had a whole skull to work with.

Whether the crystal head vodka company used an actual person’s skull is not known. But if they just made it up then at least the face looks human enough when built of the bottle.

And this would have been a cool way to terrify everyone if they left it like this.

However they continued adding muscles and texture.

Half of the face is already done.

And it looks like this can be a person but it also looks quite generic.

I don’t even know how to explain this but it sort of falls into uncanny valley.

Even though there could be a human who looks like this.

Right here we have the finished look with the hair added and everything smoothed out.

Would you ever put this as a decoration? Because I don’t think anyone can ever use this as a bottle anymore. I imagine it would be quite heavy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Artist Recreated Children’s Book With Sinister Twists & It’ll Ruin Your Childhood

Kid books aren’t realistic.

However, when we look at books made especially for children, we aren’t really looking for realism. It is all about presenting the best of humanity to them rather than all the dark truths. After all, you want your child to grow up to be good and optimistic. Not a jaded person even though most of us end up this way when we get a taste of what the world has to offer.

And one particular artist realizes this. So rather than creating kid books that would make even an adult cry, they opted to recreate classic kid books to represent the truth with a funny twist. Not only are these hilarious but after all the laughter has died down, you will realize how relatable they really are and wallow in your pity. 

Scroll below to do just that.

Source: Instagram | Website

#1 I wish I had realized this years ago.

#2 Now I feel personally attacked but the cat is just too cute.

#3 I’d opt for the bear as it has the most meat.

#4 That is the best place to find it after all.

#5 And it comes in a red glass bottle.

#6 True but those are only kids on the cover.

#7 I wouldn’t say this is a lie.

#8 This sort of thing happens when you hold the book the wrong way.

#9 Let’s be honest, we all did this sort of thing when we were young.

#10 Yes, Babrie is perfect for this message.

The artist behind these works already has more than 160k followers and they are growing at quite a quick rate. This isn’t really surprising as they always come up with something. While they do have viewers who think the artist is pushing the envelope too much but most just love their dark humor. And I am definitely included in the latter category.

#11 It’s probabaly the kid in the red shirt, it is always him.

#12 You can never win against a cat and you don’t want to do that either.

#13 Everyone who is reading this?

#14 We all know how to pull the ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’ face.

#15 Hopefully the pancake doesn’t get stuck to the ceiling.

#16 Can I have the address? I also want to do this.

#17 Cats are masters at shady things.

#18 That is one heck of a way to start your relationship.

#19 I love playing this game!

#20 Now this is just offensive.

#21 When are cats not suggesting it?

Would you ever read a book with these sorts of titles? Let us know in the comments below.

22 Oddly Terrifying Pictures Of Sheep’s In The Night That Will Creep You Out

Sheep are harmless.

At least that is what everyone thinks. I mean we as humans eat practically everything of a sheep and also use their wool. And after all, they are herbivores so no one is ever scared of them. However, one might change their tune when they look at what sheep look like at night. You see their eyes can reflect light just a cat’s eyes can.

And what does that mean? Well, it means that they can see at night and basically have night vision goggles. But how is that disturbing? Well, what if you were walking in the forest and you several glowing eyes staring at you from the dark? What would your first thought be? It would probably be to run away as fast as possible before you realize it is just a sheep. 

You can see what I am talking about by scrolling below.

#1 It is not even night and they already look scary.

#2 Okay, this is a huge no from me.

#3 Just some sheep grazing in the field.

#4 There might be some blood on this sheep’s ear.

#5 Are these sheep or headlights?

#6 She just wants to protect her children.

#7 They might try to get out if we are not careful.

#8 They look like they have just been shaved.

#9 Those horns can actually hurt a person so I would be wary.

#10 The green reflection is actually normal.

#11 Have we been transported into Silent Hill?

There are many animals that are nocturnal. I suppose this is how they can save themselves from predators. As we all know sheep don’t really have a lot of ways to protect themself against other animals except running away. And even then they aren’t really fast runners so seeing in the dark is the only thing they have.

#12 This would be a beautiful picture if it wasn’t so damn scary.

#13 ‘You want something hooman?’

#14 The black colored faces just makes it even more terrifying which I didn’t think was possible.

#15 I sure hope the red isn’t human parts.

#16 This is why I could never work at a farm.

#17 Okay, the little babies make this cute.

#18 They are coming to take your soul away.

#19 Who needs christmas lights when you have a goat?

#20 Just saying hello from far away.

#21 Is that a dog in there as well?

#22 We saved the best for last.

What did you think of these pictures? Were they creepy? Or did you find them quite normal? Comment down below and let us know.

22 Creepy Clown Pictures From Old Times That Will Give You Nightmares

I don’t hate clowns.

I know you may not believe me on that because we here on creepy love to rag on clowns. And I think the hate for clowns has only increased since the first movie IT was released. However, it seems clowns have never not been creepy. It is just the makeup for me. And I know some people will piss their pants if they see a clown in the wild.

There used to be a time when clowns were the main entertainment at every party but that time is long past as no one wants anything to do with clowns. I am not at all hating on people who do this or passionate about being a clown but you have to admit clowns have never been portrayed well in the media. 

So even if the following pictures are normal, some may still find them sort of unnerving. If you don’t believe me, you can look at them yourself by scrolling below. 

#1 Atleast the person behind the paint looks happy in this picture. The same can’t be said for the kid.

#2 Just a man smoking and chilling at a circus.

#3 The kid might not be crying but she isn’t ecstatic either.

#4 I don’t know about anything else but I love the ‘haircut’.

#5 A clown caught in motion dancing.

#6 I don’t think I have ever seen a kid smiling with a clown.

#7 He is about to turn those balloons into something else.

#8 The classic red hair that clowns have right here.

#9 The nose makeup is starting to smudge.

#10 The smile on the kid looks very uncomfortable.

#11 Is that a giant man or is the clown wearing stilts?

#12 A dog does make everyone happy so I understand the little girl.

#13 I am pretty sure that is Ronald McDonald.

#14 The clown doesn’t look like he wants to do this.

#15 My only question is why?

#16 They might have wanted to scare her out of the hospital or something.

There are also American Horror Story seasons where clowns are portrayed to be evil so I understand why people don’t like clowns as a general. It is nothing against the people in the circus. I suppose it is the makeup and everything that makes the person creepy or maybe it is our personal bias. Although most of these pictures are quite normal looking.

#17 The kid is like ‘Who is this guy?’

#18 Atleast the kid looks comfortable with the family.

#19 Although I admit, clown makeup requires a lot of effort.

#20 Okay, this is adorable and no one can convince me otherwise.

#21 The clothing looks quite unique.

#22 A big no from me.

What do you think of these pictures? Comment down below and let us know.

20 Terrifying Zombie Gnomes That Will Scare Everyone Off Your Lawn

The upkeep of a lawn is time-consuming.

Especially if you have a full-on garden and you always like to keep your grass at a shorter manageable level. Not only does this require weekly work but it can also cost a lot I you pay someone else to do it. And people just don’t understand this and will trample all over your hard work without any consideration towards you or how much time you spend on it.

It can be downright painful when you see people wearing heavy boots and walking around your lawn and essentially killing the grass you try so hard to always keep green and healthy. We all know nature is fragile and many people want to have a beautiful lawn and garden as that is the first impression of your house before your guests can even come to your door.

So we have something to keep everyone of your lawn. Just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Etsy

#1 This one is only raising from the de*d right now.

#2 Even they get hungry after all.

#3 You didn’t think only males turn into zombies, right?

#4 This is when you want to mix Halloween and Christmas together.

#5 I don’t see anything here. Just a normal cat sculpture.

#6 Imagine if you encountered this in the middle of the night.

#7 Brains sure are delicious.

#8 Apparently not even penguins are safe from this disease.

#9 He is only trying to find his missing eye.

#10 The decay doesn’t stop just because you turn into a zombie.

#11 This way Santa can visit everyone in a single night.

You might be thinking that while they do look quite nicely made, they won’t really scare anyone. However, just imagine walking alone at night and seeing a bloody gnome standing in front of you. One would probably run away as fast as they can, right? Well, if you want your lawn to stay green and spotless, this is the thing for you.

However, they are quite expensive but worth it if you like this aesthetic.

#12 Going through the trash is not for him anymore.

#13 Won’t someone give him a hand?

#14 He looks like he has been through a lot.

#15 Time will run out if he stays here too long and where is his monocle?

#16 He is trying his best to point fingers at someone but it is impossible.

#17 I wonder how he lost his shoe….. or his nose for that matter.

#18 His pot of gold is not going to be filled with gold. It will probably be filled with brains.

#19 Insides should always remain within the body.

#20 Filling your holes with fingers is not recommended unless….

#21 He clearly regrets all his life decisions and wants to go back underground.

Would you ever buy these gnomes? Or are they too spooky for you? Comment down below and let us know.

28 Pics That Show The Difference Between Real Animal Vs How Aliens Would Recreate Them By Their Skulls

Have you ever looked at skulls?

I am not saying we all go around wanting to look at animal skulls. However, we have all seen humans’ skulls and they look quite different than what you would expect. I mean most of our skulls are the same even though every human looks different. And that applies to animals as well. However, one person wanted to imagine what animals would look like if aliens had created them. 

I mean for one second think that aliens exist and they have never seen animals. You with me so far? Now expand your mind even more and think that they wanted to recreate animals but they only had skulls or carcasses to go off one. The following is likely what they would come up with. This is definitely a fun experiment.

So scroll below to take a look.

#1 Well, cats would definitely be our overlords if they looked like this.

#2 Alligators already scary enough.

#3 Pennywise is sort of human, I think. Atleast he was at one point.

#4 Hippo’s would actually look quite cool if they had this face.

#5 This is a big no from me.

#6 You could fool me and say this is mammoths.

#7 This is definitely a surprise for me. Especially the sharp teeth.

#8 I don’t know about the blood but I would say this is pretty accurate.

#9 The puppy is just surprised to see what lies inside his head.

#10 I wouldn’t mind these worms becoming extinct.

#11 Atleast they fall into a similar category so I would say good job.

#12 Now I understand how they can store so much food in their cheeks.

#13 This is why I don’t look at animal skulls, they just confuse me.

#14 I don’t think bones are able to bend without a joint so this isn’t accurate.

#15 Maybe they descended from dragons. We don’t know.

Whether we believe that alien life exists or not is really not the debate here. The thing we have to focus on here today is that we all have weird skulls and it doesn’t make sense when you take a look at how these animals look like. It seems fat and muscle distribution really changes the overall look which is quite surprising.

#16 I don’t think this needs any more explaining.

#17 I can’t even understand what I am looking at.

#18 This is cheating and we all know it.

#19 This went into a completely different direction.

#20 So what you are telling me they would think it is their own skulls?

#21 I don’t see any horns on that skeleton though.

#22 They certainly slither like a xenomorph so this was close.

#23 I wonder if they would understand the chameleon nature of the animals.

#24 Those are some huge eyes.

#25 I think we can all agree that cats have weird skulls.

#26 So what you are saying is that every animal has to be scary looking?

#27 Atleast they wouldn’t accidentally create Mutant Ninja Turtles.

#28 The snake body doesn’t have arms though.

What did you think of these? Do you think they were accurate? Did they at least make you laugh? Comment down below and let us know.

Creative Artist Doodles Monsters Into Normal Situations At The Subway

What if there are monsters all around us?

However, rather than being scary beings who want to hurt us, they’re just normal creatures with different looks who go about their day just like we do. Sure, they may look scary but they don’t feel the need to reveal themself. Just imagine a monster accidentally touched you when you felt a slight hand on your shoulder the day you were walking alone at night.

After all, how can we be sure, there isn’t something there? But until we can actually have some hard proof, we have artists like these who like to bring out the weird things in life and depositing them in normal situations. These are just photos of people waiting in the subway station or on a train but with a twist that we would never see coming. 

So just scroll below to take a look. 

Source: Website

#1 Even monsters get thirsty.

#2 She just wanted to keep him warm.

Subway Doodle is a multimedia artist known for blending illustration and photography to create imaginative depictions of New York City.
Subway Doodle is also an accomplished writer, director, designer, editor, and creative director. His work has been recognized with two Emmys, dozens of media industry awards, and displayed at the Museum of the Moving Image.

When he’s not doodling, Subway Doodle is a Creative Director at The Mint Farm, a creative marketing studio in Brooklyn that produces short-form content for television and social media. Subway Doodle resides in Brooklyn, NY with a house full of monsters.

#3 I see he is one of those guys who don’t wear a mask over their ‘nose’.

#4 Atleast he is only looking at the book and nothing else.

#5 This is why they should make bigger seats because I can’t imagine that this would be comfortable.

#6 He couldn’t find a seat so what was he supposed to do?

#7 They both have a shoulder to take a nap on.

#8 It only makes sense if you ask me.

#9 Looking out of the train is always the best part.

#10 This always happen when you try to sit in cinema chairs.

#11 I don’t know how long he can keep this up.

Not everyone can come up with something so creative. And he has taken normal situations and made them much more fun. After all, we have all seen these things happening every day. However, the monsters just add a bit of fun touch to the pictures and that is what art is all about, turning the unexpected into something meaningful.

#12 Lots of people on this train are going to have a rude awakening.

#13 I think we have all seen drunk people slumped over like this.

#14 I would look at such a perfect booty as well.

#15 It is rude to look just because they might look different.

#16 She probably should have finished drawing him with an attached eye before moving in.

#17 We all remember sitting like this before the pandemic.

#18 Well, this took a gory turn quite abruptly.

#19 We all feel like this when summer comes.

#20 It is all about whether you feel good in your skin……. or fur.

#21 Don’t we all feel like trash sometimes?

#22 We have all done this and been embarrassed after.

What do you think of these monster doodles? Which one was your favorite? Comment down below and let us know.

Artist Illustrates Mystical Creatures As Babies And They Look ‘Dangerously’ Cute

Babies are adorable. 

Even if they may be technically monsters. I mean even human babies can wring out every piece of your soul. So there is no surprise these monster babies are terrifying and some of them even have scary powers to go along with their appearance. From medusa’s daughter to a little phoenix, it is honestly so nice to see these unique pieces of art.

The artist behind these art pieces is Siswanto and they wanted to create something new rather than just putting a twist on the already old creatures. I mean who hasn’t seen recreations of Medusa or a Hydra? So why not take it in a new direction and see something new? So if you are ready to take a look at some weirdly adorable babies, just scroll below to enjoy.

Source: ArtStation | Instagram

#1 Gargoyle and Medusa.

#2 Hippogriff Foal.

#3 Hydra Snakelet.

#4 Simurgh Pup.

#5 Nightmare.

#6 Dragon Turtlette.

#7 Medusa’s Daughter.

#8 Phoenix.

#9 Minotaur.

#10 Kraken Paralarvae.

#11 Satyr Foal.

#12 Sea Lion Puppy.

#13 Unicorn Foal.

#14 Elder Godspawn.

#15 Owlbear.

Baby Beastiary is a client project back from when I was working at Caravan Studio. It was for a crowdfunding project by Metal Weave Games. They came up with an idea for a baby creatures’ RPG book and I helped them with the visuals.

I contributed the most on volume 1 and volume 2, and I helped with art direction. Through this project, I’ve learned a lot about not only how to create baby versions of different creatures that are already well known, but I also learned how to really observe [various little animal details], like their gestures, how they move and the proportions [of their bodies]. -Siswanto

#16 Centaur.

#17 Myconid Sporeling.

#18 Lizardfolk Whelp.

#19 Tatzelwurm Kit.

#20 Griffin Hatchlings.

I don’t think I have ever seen monster babies and I can’t say I am disappointed. I would have never imagined them looking like this but then again I don’t go around imagining monster babies or thinking about how Medusa would pro0create. Because the implications there are just horrendous. So let us leave it at that and enjoy these beautiful works of art.

#21 Harpy Child.

#22 Beithir Hatchling.

#23 Cocktrice.

#24 Hound Archon Puppy.

#25 Peryton Hinulus.

#26 Tarasque Hatchling.

#27 Gargoyle Mouldling.

#28 Pegasus Foal.

If I was one of these kids, I would hop on the pegasus rather than running alongside it. I mean why not enjoy it?

#29 Androsphynx and Gynosphynx.

#30 Djinayni.

What did you think of these adorably weird babies? Comment down below and let us know.

Artist Illustrates Famous Pop Icons With A Horrific Twist That’ll Haunt Your Dreams

There is beauty in horror. 

While most of us might get scared by gore or terrifying imagery, you can’t deny the fact that those moments hold a weird beauty. And that is the beauty that this artist wanted to capture in his illustrations. I think many of us already know Mike Winklemann. After all, he was the creator of everyday challenge where artists are tasked to draw every day and he has done it for straight 10 years without missing a single day. 

Not only that but he also helps with concert visuals for big-name singers like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Eminem, and many more. However, he is a graphic designer at heart and his unique style is nothing we have ever seen before even though we have seen hundreds of art pieces every day. 

You can marvel at the beautiful imagery for yourself by scrolling below. 

Source: Facebook

#1 What if pigs weren’t the prey?

#2 Disney Castle overtaken by disease.

#3 Humans wouldn’t take kindly to thiefs even if it is just honey.

#4 Nothing gets by the eyes of a trained hunter.

#5 Worship at the altar of Mickey Mouse.

#6 Building monuments for the things once forgotten.

#7 The end is near and let nature take it’s course.

#8 There is always going to be something bigger.

Mike is a big fan of mixing fantasy creatures with reality. To juxtapose real-life situations that we deal with every day while also adding a fantastical touch that draws people in. Creatures like Mickey Mouse might be beloved but the artist likes to recreate them in the likes of Godzilla or monsters around us. After all, we do build monuments for these and honor them, even worshipping them when there are so many problems in the world.

Perhaps it is a way to escape the issues of real life. Maybe we all want to stay in the fantasy world and not have to see the carnage that lies all around us. There is no right answer or solution. It is just a question posed by the artist. It is for us to decide at the end of the day.

#9 Do anything for the views while everything around us burns.

#10 A mere mask won’t save you now.

#11 A parallel plant stuck in the past.

#12 Working hard for our overlords.

#13 What would baby yoda eat?

What did you think of these illustrations? Let us know in the comments down below.

15 Horrific Clay Sculptures Of Food That Might Make You Uncomfortable

Have you ever wanted to eat a human part?

I know that is a very weird question and most sane people would immediately say no and so would I. However, the following sculptures just look so delectable that I just want to have a taste. Before you call me a cannibal, I assure you they are all made of clay and formed into beautiful foods like cake, dumplings, and the like which we sadly cannot eat unless you want to get sick. 

The artist behind these works has created a new niche for herself that apparently many people are a fan of since she already has more than 210k followers. While she also creates many beautiful illustrations, her creepy yet fascinating sculptures are where her talents really shine. And you can see that for yourself by scrolling below. However, if you get nauseous really easily, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Source: Instagram

#1 Doesn’t that soup just look so nutritious and protein-rich?

#2 These dumplings hold a little surprise inside.

#3 Who doesn’t want to be like Daenerys Targareyn?

#4 These are the forbidden popsicles.

#5 I have never tried sushi but I think these might be a little tough to get down.

#6 When the world ends, these sorts of canned foods are the only things that are gonna be left.

#7 Okay, the smushed baby faces on these macarons are actually really adorable.

#8 Your tastebuds will explode with flavor after eating this.

I know what you are thinking, ‘How and where do I get these beautiful but creepy sculptures?’ Well, sadly we can only look as the artist behind these art pieces is not yet selling them. Hopefully, they change their mind and decide to grace the public with these sculptures but I won’t hold my breath. I mean it must take a lot of time to create each one so it is not really something that can be done for commissions.

#9 Those are definitely not pearls.

#10 I bet someone could still make a ring out of this if they really wanted to.

#11 Who doesn’t like brain tarts?

#12 The crispiness of a tart is the best part for me.

#13 That is some thick sushi rice if you ask me.

#14 This is honestly way too realistic for my liking.

#15 Who doesn’t want an ice-cream made of baby faces on a hot summer day?

#16 So much better that ferrero-rocher.

Am I the only one who wants to eat these? Or would you also buy it if it was made from actual food? Comment down below and let us know.

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