10 Terrifying Illustrations Of Horror Movie Icons That Will Leave You Wanting More

Horror movies can always cheer many of us up.

This may be a weird thing to say because, in most of them, we can see people getting their lives ended by horrific monsters but for movie fanatics, it is always a delight to see. Sure, you might feel sad when your favorite character ends up on the floor with an ax to their back but the surprise is almost half the fun. And artists know this. That is exactly why we have so many illustrations of villains. 

Have you seen many people drawing humans characters from horror movies? I haven’t. You know why? Because it is always the villain the sticks with you and sometimes you will end up rooting for the monster just because of how cool they are. And also because it is much more fun to draw gruesome monsters than regular terrified humans. 

And that is what we have today. However, we also have some final girl illustrations thrown in just to spice things up. So scroll below to take a look for yourself. 

Source: Website

#1 This would actually be a great crossover, Sadly we would never get it.

A Canadian illustrator and Creative Director currently residing in a Twin Peaks-ian harbour town just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Always over-caffeinated and under-rested, he thrives on a steady diet of 80’s horror films and Guinness.

I work both traditionally and digitally, but the majority of my work these days is digital. It allows me to work without the overhead of paying for traditional art supplies, and additionally makes it a bit easier for me to do revisions (especially when working on larger projects for studios or distributors). In my opinion, both digital and traditional art forms are equally respectable, with their own unique challenges. -Matthew

#2 Freddy Kreuger’s hands have never looked so sharp before.

#3 A ghost or a character dressed as the Grim Reaper?

#4 The sort of faded look of Jason Vorhees makes him even more terrifying.

#5 Chucky has never been that scary for me because of the campy nature but this would make me run for the hills.

Matthew is actually a very well-known artist and he has worked with names like The Warner Bros, Vestron Films, and many more. Horror movies are his lifeblood and we can certainly see that in some of the artworks on this list. Not only that but you can also commission him for a specific work of art if you so choose from his website.

#6 Another Jason Vorhees illustration with one of his eyes staring into your soul.

#7 I think we all know she deserves a lot more props.

#8 The final girl is here and she is bada**.

#9 This almost looks like a picture of Anabelle than an illustration.

#10 Sometimes a mask can’t hide the monster inside.

Which one of these is your favorite drawing? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

The Tragic Tale Of Orpheus and Eurydice Is A Love Story For The Ages

Orpheus and Eurydice were meant to be.

But that is not what fate had in store for them. We have all read stories of ancient Gods and their several affairs but not many of us know the story of Orpheus and his beautiful lover Eurydice. And that is what we want to talk about today. You might want to strap in because this one is a doozy.

Orpheus was actually the son of Apollo.

And as many of you may already know Apollo is the God of poetry and music. He could many instruments beautifully and when his son was born, he was bestowed the same gifts. Orpheus inherited the love for music and especially loved to play the lyre, an instrument made with tortoiseshell and a bunch of strings almost like a violin. Some say his music was hypnotizing and soon he even surpassed his father when it came to playing with this instrument.

But this is where the story actually starts. One day Orpheus was playing in the woods when a nymph heard him and was curious to see who was playing the beautiful tune she was mesmerized with. And the moment Orpheus saw the nymph named Eurydice, he instantly fell in love with her extraordinary beauty. Their courtship was intense and short-lived as they were soon married.

Hymenaios, the god of marriage however had a warning for them.

On the day of their marriage, Hymenaios warned them that their marriage wouldn’t last long but nothing could dampen their mood and they were in love. And life went on happily for them. Until a shepherd named Aristaeus came in between. You see Eurydice was known for her beauty and the shepherd wanted to have her all for himself and he hatched a plan to end the life of Orpheus so he could have her without any issue.

So the shepherd attacked Orpheus.

Luckily Orpheus escaped with Eurydice in hand but she soon slipped and was bitten by a poisonous snake. This ended her life quickly and Orpheus was left to mourn his wife. But he wasn’t going to give up and asked for help from his father Apollo. And because of Apollo Orpheus was given a hearing with Hades, the God of the Underworld. All of the underworld heard Orpheus’s beautiful playing and Hades gave him an option.

Hades said he could have his wife back on one condition.

Orpheus had to walk his wife back from the underworld without looking back even once because if he did then Eurydice would be traped in the underworld forever. This seemed like an easy task and so they began their journey.

They were close to the end as Orpheus saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, when Orpheus looked back when he was on the overworld, he didn’t see his wife as she was still in the dark. So this is how she was damned to the underworld never being able to get out.

What did you think of this tragic tale? Let us know in the comments down below.

13 Creepy Monsters That You Don’t Want To Encounter In The Woods

Creating an original character isn’t very easy. 

Especially when it comes to horror themes monsters. I mean, we have all seen artists go the route of recreating characters with a twist or straight-up painting them and while that is beautiful in its own right, creating a terrifying monster from scratch just brings something interesting to the table. And the artist of the following creations knows this and takes advantage of his talent in various ways. 

Not only has he decided to recreate some of the normal enemies from the beloved franchise The Legend of Zelda into terrifying creatures but he has also managed to create some entirely new ones ripped straight from his mind. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to see how his mind works because these works of art are bone-chilling and I am not at all dramatizing. 

You can see these for yourself by scrolling below. 

Source: Instagram | ArtStation

#1 As if spiders weren’t already scary, they just had to add a skull to it.

#2 It was always hard to dodge those hands but if this was the monster, I would have shut down my console.

#3 This honestly gives me vibes of SIlent Hill and I am not loving it.

#4 The demon doesn’t even need wings with those huge horns.

#5 Female venom has never looked so creepy and now I want this movie.

#6 This is surprisingly beautiful and magnificent.

Andres art is a sight to see and it is incredible. Rarely am I left speechless after seeing an illustration but his artwork just jumps out of the screen and looks so much more realistic than anything I have ever seen before. it almost makes me feel like these creatures could be real which is a terrifying thought in itself. But that is what Andres is going for.

#7 Pans Labyrinth is my all time favorite movie and Andres somehow made this creature even more terrifying which I didn’t think was possible.

#8 I don’t think they need the space suit anymore.

#9 What woukld you do if you saw these in the woods chowing down on a human corpse?

#10 At least this monster has a unique sense of fashion judging by that necklace

#11 His mother should have told him to not take candy from a horrific pumpkin man.

#12 I don’t remember Aku ever looking this scary. Then again I would love to see Samurai Jack as live animation.

#13 Doom guy is going to have a field day with this demon.

What are your thoughts on these monsters? Which one did you like best? Comment down below and let us know.

25 Illustrations Of Imaginary Monsters That You Will Find Both Adorable And Horrifying

How do you make a monster adorable?

You would think there is no way to do that but yet again the creative instincts of an artist have proved us wrong. They managed to make colorful otherworldly creatures that are somewhat adorable while also being terrifying. I mean if I saw something like this in real life, I would be mesmerized by the enchanting colors but my fear instinct would also kick in so it’s a toss-up. 

However, what the artist has created is truly unique and we can’t give them enough props for their beautiful work. The artist goes by the name Alexandr Kumpan and we have decided to feature some of his best artworks today. I mean he only has a little more than 40k followers even though he deserves so much more. So go on and give him some love after taking a look at the following pictures of course.

Source: Instagram

#1 The eyes are the part that make this monstrosity look sort of cute.

#2 Speaking of eyes, this one has a lot of em.

#3 The head shape sort of reminds me of Xenomorph from the alien movies.

#4 We clearly don’t want to see what this witch is creating in her cauldron of horrors.

#5 This might just be my next sleep paralysis demon.

#6 At least he is happy in his mind?

#7 I truly hope that rocket works because we don’t want this creature on Earth.

#8 This gives me underwater vibes and it is adorable in a creepy way.

#9 I don’t even know where to look.

#10 Those spider legs are a no from me.

#11 Is this monster a blood bender because it sure looks like it.

#12 Right here we have two monsters morphing into one.

If you like the colorful style of Alexander, you can get their prints to hang on your wall from their website. I mean these might not be for everyone but I for one am in love with some of these paintings and would love to hang them in my bedroom. I might have nightmares because of them but it is worth it to have such unique art pieces in my home. And I think many people will agree with that.

#13 I wouldn’t recommend landing on this planet.

#14 He only wanted to play on the rocking horse.

#15 This is how you get lured into space.

#16 This monster wants to be a ballerina but doesn’t have the legs for it.

#17 Sometimes our minds are filled with smoke.

#18 Maybe this is how pensils would mutate in the apocalypse.

#19 We don’t want to go in their homes.

#20 This is why you get your shots for Malaria.

#21 Does ‘beauty on the inside’ still apply here?

#22 Don’t let your teeth rot because of all the candy.

#23 Apparenly this is what too much botox can do to you.

#24 Never open a book bound with flesh.

#25 A creepy version of yin and yang that I never want to see again.

What are your thoughts on these colorful drawings? Comment down below and let us know.

Behind The Scenes Pictures Of The Making Of The Evil Dead (1981) That Are Equally Scary

The Evil Dead is a classic.

If you go back and watch the original movie again, it still holds up pretty well mostly because of the practical effects and actors in prosthetics rather than CGI. As we all know CGI never ages well and the creators of The Evil Dead knew this. Of course, this movie is not to everyone’s taste as it can get quite campy for some but that is the charm of this movie.

And that is why we decided to go back and take a look at some behind-the-scenes pictures of the making of this movie that shine a new light on it. There is just something about this movie that reels people back in and that might be the chemistry between all the actors on screen or the unique camera style of the director. So let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos while also learning new facts.

Source: Facebook

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi wanted to create real terror.

And they believed that fia actors were in pain, it would create much more horror than fake scares.

Not only that but the cabin they filmed in also had a sordid history. This is the reason they specifically chose the cabin shown in the movie. As many peoples lives have been ended in that cabin in the weirdest ways possible. The original builder of the cabin actually passed away only a week after he finished it. If you think that is weird, the cabin was actually burned down by lightning only a week after the movie was finished filming.

Mostly everyone was also high off their gourds while filming and acting in this movie which is why it feels like such a trip.

And the camera movement the movie is known for was only because they couldn’t afford stabilizers so they had to get creative.

This actually worked in their favor as it is known for its weird and crazy camera movement. They achieved this by attaching the camera to a wooden board and running through the woods with it.

Many people ended up injured because of the movie and slowly but surely left.

When they started the crew had more than 20 people but by the end, only the original cast was left.

Betsy Baker almost didn’t play Linda.

This might sound weird but nobody knew the directors back then. And so when they asked Betsy to play Linda in the middle of the woods, she was suspicious. So she met with them in a crowded restaurant to get a sense of where their head is. Thankfully they convinced her and we got this incredible movie which wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Did you already know these things? Did any of these surprise you? Comment down below and let us know.

Artist Depicts 15 Types Of Mushrooms As Dragons

What if dragons were real?

I am not going into a whole debate about whether fantasy dragons existed or even talk about conspiracy theories. However, most of us have wanted to fly on a dragon which we can say might be a dream come true for many. Movies like How to train a dragon capitalize on this and we all know why we watched Game of Thrones. While fantastical dragons have been depicted time and time again in a unique way, this is a first.

You see the artist who goes by the name Xavier Collette wanted to recreate some mushrooms as dragons. There are hundreds of mushroom types and many of them are poisonous but I bet we wouldn’t care about that if we saw a tiny dragon, like the ones shown below. I am pretty sure none of us have ever seen something so weird and beautiful at the same time and that is going to change as soon as you scroll below to take a look.

If you are obsessed with mushrooms and love dragons, this might just be your lucky day. You can check out even more of their work on the website mentioned below. They definitely deserve more recognition.

Source: Website

#1 This looks like a herbivore dragon if there is such a thing.

#2 This particular one might be adept at camouflage by the looks of it.

#3 Definitely don’t want to get close to this one.

#4 He can probably turn his ‘flaps’.

#5 Here we have a luminescent dragon who might glow in the dark.


#6 This one can’t see but he has a very sharp nose able to smell his prey.

#7 I don’t think he can fly with those thick wings but what do I know about dragon anatomy?

#8 This one sort of looks like a dinasour, specifically a velociraptor.

If you didn’t tell me these were dragons and mushrooms combined, I would have thought these were some new pokemon drafts or something else. I mean it is possible that Nintendo tries to go the mushroom route for their next lineup. After all, they have kind of run out of ideas when it comes to pokemon. However, these would be pretty cool to catch.

#9 He might be colorful but his mouth is unnerving to look at.

#10 This one has only hatched and he is already so big!

#11 Does this dragon remind anyone of Appa from The Last Airbender?

#12 Thius might be one of my favorite designs.

#13 A turtle like dragon but much more ferocious.

#14 These honestly look adorable.

#15 Maybe this is the next evolution of fire Evie.

What do you think of these mushroom dragons? Do you think the artist combined the two things perfectly, or do these illustrations leave something to be desired? Comment down below and let us know.

14 Iconic Horror Couples That We all Love

Horror movies aren’t known for their romance

Unless it is about relationships in which case it usually ends up with one person wielding an ax possessed by a spirit and running after their partner. But that is not what this list is about. It is all about the true love that is sometimes portrayed in horror movies. Whether it be two people joining forces together to take on the villains or the antagonists with a sweet love story, you never know what is going to happen.

And no I am not talking about the relationships that form while people are going through a horrific ordeal because that just feels tacked on sometimes. Right here we have some classic movies which wouldn’t have been the same without the couples featured below. So take out your valentine’s chocolate and let us get on with it. After all, not even d*ath can keep these lovers apart.

#1 Hellraiser.

Frank and Julia prove that love is eternal and they will damn themself to hell to stay together.

#2 Blind Beast.

This might seem like a weird one but the performance of Michio and Aki are something that we will never forget even if the ending left us speechless.

#3 Alleluia.

This movie might not be for everyone as it does take ‘love’ to extraordinary heights and we would more so call it obsession as Michel and Gloria take out everyone in their path.

#4 The Vanishing.

This tale is about the strong love Rex and Sasika have for each other and how Sasika can’t move on. This leads him to do some extreme things.

#5 Piercing.

Reed and Jackie are somehow perfect for each other which isn’t really a good thing.

#6 Bride of Chucky.

I don’t think I even need to explain why this movie is on this list.

#7 Bite Me If You Love Me.

This is quite an unconventional movie where Hitomi wants a zombie boyfriends and she gets what she wants. However, it is more than what she bargained for.

#8 The Hunger.

This is ultimately the tale of Miriam and how her love turns everyone into monsters but she can’t stop and that ultimately leads to her demise.

#9 Border.

Tina and Vore might be the main ‘couple’ of this movie but it is more about choosing between what you love and what you think is right.

#10 Splinter.

This is about Dennis and Lacey against the world.

#11 Memento Mori.

We know that the relationship between Hyo-Shin and Si-Eun is doomed from the start but we can’t help and read more of their diary.

#12 Reanimator.

Dan wants to be with Meg even if it means reanimating her mauled corpse, which as always doesn’t end well.

#13 Audition.

Did you really think we wouldn’t add this to the list? I don’t want to spoil this movie for you so go watch it if you haven’t already.

#14 Return of the Living Dead 3.

What happens when a zombie and a human get together? The answer is, nothing good.

Have you watched any of these movies? Which one was your favorite? Comment down below and let us know.

40+ Pictures From A Self-Portrait Photographer That Will Haunt Your Dreams

The world is not black and white. 

While we would like to think that only right or wrong exists as it would be so much easier, but the world is just a gray area. And even the most heinous acts can sometimes have reasons even if it doesn’t justify that particular act. That is the reality of a human being. And these days the world is in turmoil because of Covid-19 and many more issues that have reared their heads once again.

So this photographer wants to reveal the truth of humans through her photography. Some of these might not make sense but she has provided an explanation for many of them. But when it comes to art, a person is allowed to interpret it however they want. After all, that is what art is for. And the following pictures are not just photos but a peek into the issues of the world today. 

You can see these unique pictures for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 An epidemic of empty dolls.

We are a sad generation with happy photos.

An empty generation with full pubs.

A carefree generation with scared eyes.

Cheap generation with expensive phones.

An arrogant generation with kind faces.

A drunk generation with sober remorse.

Cold generation with warm hands.

From the wrong people.

#2 Loud fears that we need to cut.

#3 Weight of existence.

It’s not the burden that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.

#4 Waiting for someone who will never come.

I’m playing a roll and talk about life situations, stigma topics, mental health, epilepsy, domestic violence and so on, where people are really, massively,finding themselves and we make the world better even for a day, showing that no one is alone in their hard times and bad emotions.

I’m showing that we are all in this life together. Topics are direct, intimate, honest and raw without a ‘‘beauty filter’’. -Tea Jagodić

#5 A graveyard of dead promises.

#6 Scream.

#7 Time.

For those who have dared to take my or someone else’s biological clock in their mouth so many times. For those who look at other women’s wombs.

For those who deserved twice as unpleasant answer as that unpleasant question. For those whom you are less valuable if you don’t want or can’t have an extension of the family tree because for God’s sake, that’s the purpose of women’s existence, right?

Do you know actually what time it is now?

That “Fu*k off” becomes a socially acceptable answer like all other “normal” questions.

#8 How much does a part of you cost?

In the last 2 years, I have received many invitations to be part of projects that support young artists in my country. Well, everything is wonderful until it comes to the part: How much does your work cost, that will be part of the project?

And when I put the price extremely low, it’s a problem, again. And they say it’s too much, again. Do you really support artists or would you pay the price of one coffee per author’s work just to make the project work out? Or buy us a coffee to create better? No. My coffee costs more and I don’t want your cheap one.

Project that SUPPORTS ARTISTS? At least change the name.

#9 Never opened doors.

When your eyes become dead, they don’t let you make that one small but crucial hand move, which can so easily save you from a disgustingly cold place, from where there is no coming back from.

Do you want to wake up while you still have time?

#10 Wrong turn.

You can’t heal in the same place where you got sick.

#11 Hiding.

#12 The depth of sharpness.

I stopped getting angry at the time and hours rushing forward. When you think everything is falling apart, maybe everything just falls into place, just not in the order we, spoiled people, expected it to happen.

#13 The destruction museum.

It’s not an institution. Not a building, nor an art installation. It could be a living person. People. Museums of pain and imperfection. And they are perfect just for that.

Damaged, special and awakened. And you adore them with all of that. You all want to be accepted without accepting. Maybe that’s why you didn’t deserve better? You can’t sew holes but you can be there. It may be enough.

It can save. And when life is a bitch, climb to the nearest roof. Grab someone with one hand, and with the other, raise your middle finger in the air.

And just …. while holding up someone else, don’t break yourself.

#14 Rejected generation statistics.

We always melt when we see them on the streets. They hold hands after countless years of marriage. They were the only ones who gave us back our faith in love until the last day of our lives. They raised half of today’s big people.

And you forget that someone has only them in the whole world. Today, they are not important. Just some old people, group of risk, statistics and regular news on our television.

They are useless and not a workforce. The damage. They don’t contribute to the economy. Economy has always been more important than humanity. That’s why we’re all here, right now. Someone held those old hands for more than half a century. Today, the hand is empty. But again, we messed everything up. They are not a risk group. With a collective mind like this, we are. And we deserve even worse.

#15 Day of oblivion.

#16 Paralysis of the night.

#17 Exclusion zone.

No natural or nuclear catastrophe has happened to us. We happen to us and that is much worse. Disasters pass, Brain Exclusion Zone never.

#18 School chair autopsy.

You have to go to school. The law, life and parents said that. Nobody cares that someone else’s 4 walls contain hyenas that act as a mom’s baby when they come into their own 4 walls at home. For each step that someone didn’t like, you would feel the roll of a paper at the back of the head. We all know what that paper means. Both sides. And I know that paper doesn’t hurt, but the words in it do.

And so, from a young age, we began to learn that words hurt much more than physical pain.

Welcome to the adult world. We wanted to be adults before the real time, right?

#19 The last time.

What if we knew when we are seeing someone for the very last time?

What would we do or say differently?

#20 The other side.

Books can take you where you have never been when you don’t want to stay where you are now.

That is what happened in here.

Work inspired by my first horror book I’ve ever read and it’s for sure not the last.

#21 Identity.

When someone asks you “Who are you?”, what do you usually say?

Your first and last name is not yours. It was given to you, you came into the world without it. It’s arbitrary, it’s all the same.

Any other would be fine. Now you’re just used to it. It is only for people to address you, but it has nothing to do with you.

Your profession? Doesn’t mean anything. You are describing an occupation, not yourself. You are describing how you make a living. You are not talking about yourself and your life, but about your survival.

The name of the father, mother, the whole family tree – again doesn’t mean anything. You were accidentally born here. In that family, in that place.

The outside world has already given you a label.

Would you know how to answer the question now?

#22 Devil’s game.

Work dedicated to manipulators who can brain-wash you in a minute.

Monsters do exist. And they look like people. Life, interpersonal relationships and chess are the fight against mistakes.

#23 Calm in chaos.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of chaos and sometimes in the middle of chaos, you find yourself.

#24 Spider mother.

I have never seen such work and she brings uniqueness to these beautiful species. These might be self-portraits but they are much more than that. She likes to touch upon things that are important to her from mental illness to social media and how it affects us. She only has 12k followers on Instagram which is really surprising since she deserves so much more love.

#25 Side effects.

#26 Swallowed words.

#27 Damaged childhood.

”Go get yourself a treat. Me and mom need to…talk”.

#28 Behind the scenes.

#29 Growing with damages.

We become mature with the damages, not the years.

#30 Box of the bottom.

As soon as someone is different and stands out, the society drags him into his average black hole so that the same society feels more beautiful. As soon as you try to be out of the box, they pull you back.

Don’t be like a stupid tetris, if you fit in, you will disappear.

They told me:

– Stop using Photoshop so much.

– Take photos the other ordinary girls, you’ll have more followers.

-Do fashion photos of girls with big boobs, you’ll get more reach.

-Do weddings and birthday parties, you will earn a lot of money.

– Adapt the artworks more, people in here don’t get it.

– Capture something more happy and fairytale-ish, people want to see cheerful things.

No. But thank you.

I will continue to do what people DON’T want to see.

#31 Epilepsia.

Invisible diseases exist and are not a myth. We are not psychopaths, we are even more sincere and cheerful than some people. Part of the body broke down and now we are fixing it, it’s not just like a hand or a leg, but oh well, I did not choose this.

Me and the little animal in my head are now becoming friends and rocking through the life.

#32 Social shell.

Work dedicated to pulling myself out of the pressure of social media that make me live by virtual rules. It makes me feel bad if I don’t publish something for 5-7 days, until the same amount of pressure bursts around from society. Stop it. Shut up. We creators, if we can’t create every single day, we CAN’T.

Unsustainable and meaningless nonsense to put online “just to revolve” -Never. You are lying to yourself, but your audience as well. And the audience feels. You can’t fool them. If you think your audience is stupid, you don’t deserve it.

I just love my reality enough, not to run into a virtual one. I am not there to fulfill anyone’s expectations, nor is someone else to fill mine.

Likes will not dictate quality of life and quality of work. If I’m not on someone’s screen every day – I’m alive and I exist! I’m not a social shell. Because I chose that way.

#33 Naked mind.

I created this piece with my own MR scans of my brain and head and it was so fun!

And in the end, I like to say to myself: Little one, take care of your mind, that’s the only place you’ll have to live for the rest of your life.

#34 Emotional cancer.

Work dedicated to depression which is considered as a cancer of emotions.

#35 Nightmare.

It’s hard to wake up from a nightmare when you aren’t even asleep.

#36 Arms wide shut.

#37 Fairytale.

They say, there are two wolves in us. Good and bad. And always, who is being fed, it’s winning. But…what wolf does it take when the life takes us through the dark forest?

#38 The storm.

Everyone has their own storm in life. Somebody is being taken too easily to the other side of the world, someone dances and kisses in the rain, and the one who is afraid of the sound of the wind, is still learning to sing in it’s direction.

The roots grow and become stronger from the struggle, pain, patience, destruction, and lifting from that same ground. And the Sun? The Sun is lame. It can’t teach you anything, it’s just nice.

#39 Healing.

#40 Monsters outside.

#41 When we smile.

What are your thoughts on these pictures? Comment down below and let us know.

10+ Comics About The Adventures Of Hedgehog With A Horrific Twist

Sonic has never been creepier.

That might be a lie since we all remember the first iteration of sonic the hedgehog that was released. The community as a whole panned the design before the movie had even come out. And while I didn’t play sonic the hedgehog as a child, even I was disturbed by how weird Sonic looked in the trailer. Thankfully, because of the backlash the artists scrambled to change the design after the movie was close to finished.

And while he might have looked creepy, he has always had a fun personality so that counteracted whatever sort of eyes or fur he had. However, this particular artist wanted to create comics about Sonic that share a creepy tale of his background. I don’t even know how they came up with this or even why but we have been ‘blessed’ with these horrific comics. And you can take a look at these yourself by scrolling.

As a warning beforehand, these might ruin Sonic for you so proceed with caution. 

Source: Deviantart

#1 We have only started and the design of Sonic is already unnerving me.

#2 The child sleeps peacefully.

#3 But Sonic is always nearby.

#4 Ready to take anyone in his path on an adventure.

#5 And he leaves only blood behind.

#6 This iteration of Sonic prefers children.

#7 And he will find you when you are alone in the dark.

#8 Popping out of seemingly nowhere.

#9 And the calm will once again fall into the town.

#10 Kids don’t always see him coming.

#11 But even when they do, he is too fast for them.

#12 Cathing up to them without any problem.

Jolly Jack is the one behind these monstrosities. And honestly, I would just like to have a conversation with him to understand how he came up with this idea.

The artist lives in England and has drawn quite a lot of art mostly recreating iconic characters with a twist. This particular comic was drawn for casual horror Friday and I have to say there is nothing casual about it.

#13 After all, he has to go fast and he always enjoys the hunt.

#14 And when he catches you, he will trap you forever.

#15 All he wans is more friends and this is the way he gets them.

#16 And when he become sbored, he uses these kids to harvest more lives.

#17 You never want to wear rings around him.

#18 Because when he finds his 100th ring.

#19 You will soon realize.

#20 That he will be reborn.

#21 However, he doesn’t discriminate.

#22 Sadly, not even dogs are safe from his terror.

#23 Being taken away for his use.

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35 Creepy Illustrations Ripped Straight From Your Nightmares

These illustrations tell a story. 

Do you know what every artist wants? For their art to tell a story without uttering a single word. While writers can explain in thousands of words what they want their readers to feel, artists employ another tactic. To somewhat infuse a particular emotion that will get invoked when you take a look at that painting. And I can safely say the artist behind these illustrations is a master at that. 

They are not horrific for gore sake. He clearly wants the viewers to feel like they’re in the scene with the main character. And his unique art style certainly helps in that regard mixing reality and fantasy effortlessly. So take a look at these haunting illustrations for yourself by scrolling below. A fair warning beforehand as some of these may actually give you nightmares.

Source: Instagram

#1 The hunger is endless.

#2 Trapped with nowhere to go.

#3 No need to be scared.

#4 Coming for you.

#5 A quick end for them.

Full time Krampus mask carver, Illustrator and Concept Artist from Salzburg, Austria. I find it thrilling to “play” with the fear of the viewer, tell a story with my paintings and make viewers think.

#6 The fear of unknown.

#7 Harnessing the power of evil.

#8 Escaping from reality.

#9 No need for sleep.

#10 From the blood river, we walk.

#11 Sleepless nights.

#12 Being consumed.

#13 A surprising visitor.

#14 Religious belief.

#15 The power to summon the departed.

#16 Unfurling your wings.

The artist behind these paintings goes by the name of Stefan Koidl and he is already working on an art book so what people can get prints of his unique illustrations. He also has more than 260k followers and he seems to be growing at quite a fast rate which he definitely deserves. You can check out even more of his work on his Instagram

#17 Crazinees overtaking.

#18 Trapped within your body.

#19 The goat.

#20 Unnerving hunger.

#21 Never alone.

#22 The silence of water.

#23 The lake filled with bodies.

#24 Traps all around us.

#25 Seeing the other side.

#26 No need for milk.

#27 Hiding behind a paperbag.

#28 What lurks in the shadows?

#29 Don’t close the door.

#30 No hope left.

#31 Slenderman.

#32 Pandora’s box.

#33 Trying to escape.

#34 He will come.

#35 The end.

Did you love these illustrations as much as I did? I honestly felt a shiver running down my spine when viewing some of these and that doesn’t happen often. Comment down below and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to share these gorgeous works of art with your friends.

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