10 Paranormal Swimming Holes In Texas That Look Absolutely Chilling

When we think of a good place for a nice family vacation, Texas is one of the names that spring into our minds. With some of the best watering holes and many tourist attractions, this state has great food and wildlife. Now, this all makes sense as to why people won’t pick any other spot for a vacation. Swimming in a water hole between the trees on a hot summer day, kids diving in from the cliffs, some BBQ for dinner and family gathering, it all sounds fun until you see creepy creatures hanging from the trees after the sun has set.

There is a horrifying side to what seems like an ideal vacation. People that went to some of the most breathtaking watering holes for a romantic weekend or a vacation with family and friends have reported some paranormal activities that are absolutely bone thrilling. Here are 10 swimming holes that are haunted and the stories would urge you to reconsider your plans to visit these places. Scroll down to read.

The Quince, Camp Wood.

Credits: john price

In the heat of Camp Wood is a free water hole for the local swimmers. It’s pretty isolated and quiet. Perfect if you want to spend some time close to nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is considered rather private and hushed. But while some people would put this spot on the top of their “Must Visit” list, others would prefer avoiding this place. Why? Well, according to some rumours, a serial killer threw away some badly butchered body parts of people into the water hole back in the 1970s.

A schoolgirl, from the nearby area, saw something in the water that seemed like a disjointed appearance. The girl told her father who didn’t believe her until he saw it himself. According to him, they “looked like confused spirits looking for something.” He also reported having seen a ghost girl underwater with her hand cleaved and shoved up in her mouth while swimming. As soon as he saw this, he swam up to safety and asked his daughter to never go back to those water holes again.

Jacob’s Well, Wimberley.

Credits: leila r.

Jacobs’ Well is a karstic spring in the hill country area of Texas, flowing from Cypress Creek in the northwest of Wimberly. This hole has a 12-foot diameter mouth opening, with a depth of 30 feet from the mouth opening. It serves as a swimming spot for people. They jump from a cliff into this swimming spot. What’s more interesting is this hole extends at an angle down into the cave to a 120 feet deep water hole. This is a perfect spot for thrillseekers.

What’s more to this karstic spring is that some people have reported the place is haunted by dark spirits. A Californian psychic visited the place with her boyfriend who dove in but didn’t make it back. She panicked and dove in to find her boyfriend who was screaming and struggling down the hole with red bubbles emerging from his mouth. Somehow she managed to get him back up and out of the spring where he puked out blood and almost died.

Blue Hole, Georgetown. 

Credits: jason st peter

Blue hole is a lagoon in San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas. Some people have reported seeing a blind man wearing rags, fishing by the banks. A grandmother who was visiting Blue Hole with her young grandson reported that her grandson saw the old fisherman fishing with little fingers in his bait basket. she zoomed in on him from her phone and saw him thread a little finger onto the hook. When she approached him to question him, she slid into the water and disappeared.

Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs.

Credits: nina gabriele a.

Hamilton Pool Preserve is said to be a prototype of paradise as it’s a canyon below a 50 feet waterfall. Breathtaking view and an ideal romantic getaway. However, some people believe that all that beauty is merely an illusion. It’s a manoeuvre of ancient evil spirits that try to “mark” individuals for a dark future. Some people who visited the pool have reported firstly of being immobilized by the beauty of the pool followed by spotting a glimpse of tortured bodies in a hell-like world. These images were stuck in the visitor’s heads until they finally left the place.

Barton Springs Pool, Austin.

credits: jim nix

Barton Springs Pool is a private yet astonishing pool. People enjoy their time spent there, although some have reported unusual activity there. There is also another pool there for dogs, which is located on the other side of the fence. It is said to possess dogs once they’re in it. A visitor took his dog to the pool, as soon as the dog entered the pool he behaved strangely. The dog started barking and growling with slathering jaws. The owner testified that the dog has red eyes “which were glaring into his soul when he tried to drag him out.” After a lot of efforts, scratches and bites the owner of the dog managed to get him out of the water and rushed it to the car and left the place with a vow of never coming back again.

Rio Grande River, Big Bend National Park.

Credits: greg d.

Rio Grand River is magnificent and one of the most beautiful sights in Texas from a swimming point of view. Where a lot of people enjoy going there some reported that they rather avoid. On cold nights, the beautiful hot spring steam produces horrific apparitions. People who came in contact with them named them steam demons. A juvenile couple who having a good time with their two toddlers at the Rio Grand River described how one of their toddlers pointed out a petrifying face emerging from the steam. The family was terrified and started screaming as more of those faces appeared. The mother said that the spirits “all humming in voices so deep” the she thought a “swarm of bees was coming.” They got away as soon as they could but the little boy fainted at the site and still has night terrors about it.

Rio Vista Park, San Marcos.

Credits: yvette s

Rio Vista Park is one of the most popular places to visit for a good vacation in Texas. However, a lot of people have revealed seeing a horrific girl who is often seen sitting on a rope swing over the river and it is better to avoid going near her. As she committed su*cide by jumping off a cliff after mu*dering her siblings. On one unfortunate event, a man was documented who went too close to the girl. According to him, she was faceless and her face is smashed and shattered. She pointed at the man and he felt an instant urger to mu*der other people. The man’s father had to tie him down and call for help to get him out of there.

Devil’s Waterhole at Inks Lake State Park, Burnet.

credits: charlie llewellin

It is exciting to find a place to hike and swim side-by-side but this is one place you should definitely give a second thought before visiting. It says it all in the name. Some people say visiting this place fills their mind up with petrifying thoughts especially when visited in the late afternoon. One visitor reported that he had thought where he saw himself absorbing into a boiling river of blood making him scream like “a banshee.” Then his sister had to throw a bucket of cold water over him to make him stop. This visitor still presumes a demonic presence inside his mind.

Frio River at Garner State Park, Concan.

Credits: katarina v

Great place for a nice cliff dive in Texas. Frio River is surrounded by limestone cliffs, where people enjoy diving however some have other opinions about this and rather avoid the idea of visiting this place. A local ghost hunter encountered strange spirits there while he was preparing for a dive. He felt watched before jumping off the cliff but he shunned the idea. As he got out of the river after a successful dive he was shocked to see some weird faces staring at him from a tree’s side, He was completely terror-struck when he noticed that those faces had nobodies. They started moving towards him and he managed to get off there. He also reported that it took him a while to get those faces out of his head.

Krause Springs, Spicewood.

credits: fawn

Krause Springs is a private water hole in Texas with lots of swings and ropes drawn over the spring. As much as people enjoy this place, some have reported seeing apparition of hanging men at the dawn. These men are considered to have hanged themselves in order to achieve higher favors from the dark lord of the old satanic cult. Visitors say if you see a hanging body, stay away from it. As those spirits are trying to drag more souls to hell with them.

So, that was that. Now, the question is, when are you planning your next trip to one of these beautiful destinations? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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